IIW 18 Notes

From IIW

Tuesday May 6, 2014

Session 1

1A/ Respect Network LAUNCH

1B/ Social ID’s in Enterprise

1D/ Indie BOX – Let’s Bring Our Data Home

1F/ Covert Redirect – What It Is/What It Ain’t

1G/ Improving the Mobile Federation Sign-In Experience

1J/ Phishing Blend Authentication and Authorization

Session 2

2A/ JOSE Can You See – A Technical Overview of JWT

2B/ Collaboration For Collective Impact

2C/ Me Depot – Serving Billions

2D/ Intentions vs Identity

2F/ I o T = Identity of Things

2G/ Customer Support for Personal Data Stores

2H/ An Introducing to IndieWeb

2I/ “SCIM” Next Steps

2J/ New OAuth 2-wg – Multi-Party Federation

Session 3

3A/ OpenID Connect – Interop Testing Details

3B/ It’s NAPPS – Enabling SSO for Native APPS

3C/ Engaging End Users – How Do We Get Consumers to Participate in Identity

3D/ “Privacy Lens”

3E/ Ethical Data Handling

3F/ Platform Deep-Dive of: Qredo

3G/ Open ID Connect 101 – How it Works/What is it for

3H/ Join the Indieweb

3I/ Silicon Valley “Culture of Youth”

3J/ Your Digital Traits for STRONG Auth

Session 4

4A/ OpenID Connect – Logout/Session Mgmt (Part 1)

4B/ How Do We Preserve and Protect Identity / Identity Theft


4D/ FUSE Architecture – PICOS and Connected Cars

4E/ NSTIC – Update From NIST and Roundtable

4H/ IndieAuth – Turn Your Personal Domain Into An OAUTH Provider

4J/ Practice Session for Investor Panel

Session 5

5A/ OpenID Connect – Logout/Session Mgmt (Part 2)

5B/ Personal Sovereign Design

5C/ 4th Parties – Use Cases for Others Besides the User, IDP and Relying Party

5E/ DOXING as Vigilante Justice

5F/ Respect Network plus XDI

5G/ Aging plus Caregivers plus Post Death Identity Mngt

Wednesday May 7, 2014

Session 1

1A/ VRM (Vendor Relationship Management) Progress Report

1B/ OAuth Security – Proof of Possession

1C/ Privacy Metrics – What Could They Be? What Should They Measure? Should They Exist?

1D/ Home Owner Personal Data

1G/ We Are The Last Generation of Free People

Session 2

2A/ VRM Adoption Case Study – MYDEX

2C/ HTTPSY – Leave the Certificate Authority Behind

2D/ SAFEnet

2E/ Data Inequality $ = $ Income Inequality

2G/ Channel Binding for Open ID Connect

2K/ ADHOC: UMA Interop Testing Session Thing

Session 3

3A/ Mozilla Listens to IIW

3C/ Real Estate Use Cases

3E/ Shopping for Identity Providers – What do I need to know before I put my identity in your provider

3F/ Functional Model Elements from NSTIC – Personal Cloud Review

3G/ Self ID

3H/ Mobile Connect

3J/ Clarify and Learn About Web Payments and Identity

Session 4

4A/ New Book – Extreme Relevancy

4B/ IoT and Open Standards – Oauth2, UMA…

4D/ Gettign WC3 People to come to IIW19

4E/ Mobile SSO – How We Did It/USIMG/OAuth, Open ID Connect

4F/ OAuth SASL (OAuth for non-web apps, ep.IMAP)

4G/ Post Life Identity Privacy

4H/ Root of Trust

4J/ Investor Pitch Practice (Pt 1)

Session 5

5A/ Be Ready for the AUTHpocalypse – Lightweight/Dynamic Client Registration for IMAP/SASL

5B/ Identity Ecosystems plus the IDESG

5C/ Google – Recent Update and Input on OAuth DevX

5D/ ID Things You Can Do With A “FREEDOM BOX”

5E/ The ID – Lobrary/Film Fest and Anthology – ‘this Community Cannon’

5F/ Help us do Social Media Marketing for the Respect Network Launch

5G/ How To Deal With The Case When The Intended Audience Is Not The Releasing Party

5H/ Lost Dog! User Centric ID Management (FIDO and Other Opts…

5I/ Bitcoin and Identity

5J/ Investor Pitch Practice (Pt 2)

5K/ NAAPS Working Group

Thursday May 8, 2014

Session 1

1A/ In 5min or less – Tell me a Happy Future Story About “IDENITY”

1D/ Let’s create some -Partinent Art – that speaks to our condition and Brainstorming ides about topics for books for children and management – like SCADA and ME

1G/ Reputation

1J/ DNSSEC 101 – intro how it works/my war stories

Session 2

2B/ DARASHA XDI app – Music Library

2C/ AWS QandA

2D/ ACE = Authentication and Authorization for Constrained Environments

2G/ Help Doc prep for the VC Panel

2I/ The Maker Economy and Identity

Session 3

3A/ What’s it Take to get a Customer-Centric Startup to Win Funding? (VC Panel Discussion)

3B/ Kitties are Fluffy!!

3F/ Icons for Privacy

3G/ Where Are the RP’s?

3H/ HOW CSP’s (cloud service providers) and Authentication Providers Fit Together on the RESPECT NETWORK

Session 4

4A/ Start-Up’s Pitching

4G/ Free People Beyond the Next 10 Years – (Continuation from Wed Session/Manifesto Writing)

Session 5

5A/ Start-Up’s Pitching

5C/ Murder via Google Maps

5F/ CAMBRIAN – A User-Centric de-centralized platform for entrepreneurs