IIW 15 Opening Session

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  • A statement or token from a trusted party about the bearer
  • A document of achievement or licence issued to a person
  • A set of attributes who’s authenticity is asserted by a trusted third party
  • A proof of identity required to gain access to a protected resource
  • Digital form of attributes about an individual/entity
    • Immutable OR
    • Aquired
  • Reputation + proven track record (Verifiable)
  • Verb – the act of vetting identity of a subject and assigning a reusable artifact that can be used to make Auth decision.
  • Noun – An Artifact (token) that represents a subject that has been authenticated.
  • Level of assurance associated to an identity
  • Item used to identify an individual
  • One or more objects which when combined with an identifier may be used to authenticate an entities identity.
  • Something a user knows, has or is which can be used to positively identify them by a third party.
  • Unique Identified of someone
  • A verifiable accomplishment
  • Unique Identity of someone
  • Something about someone
  • A government-issued identifier associated with a unique person
  • A validated form of identity information
  • Identification of a person/entity
  • Physical Keys
  • 1) Relying party 2) Issuing Authority 3) Bearer
  • an asserted statement of knowledge form a trusted third party
  • logical keys
  • An individually unique characteristic, word/phrase or physical token that is associated with that person
  • A thing that permits that prossesor to do something they couldn’t do if they lock.
  • Means for authentication to a system
  • Information to authorize
  • A token to allow someone to access / use a service
  • A unique identifier of association with an identity


  • Something gained (or ?) based on track record, consistency, wisdom and presence.
  • A feeling of comfort between two parties.
  • Security that you will not be compromised
  • Assurance against impersonation
  • Something politicians lose when they open their moths in November.
  • Earned, proxy, referred, viral
  • Trust is: You will be punished if you lie to me or somebody else I trust.
  • No Trust ←→ No social society
  • Something of value <3
  • A black-box entity, the internals of which are intended to remain obscure, whose actions and results are agreed – in advance – to be (at least) acceptable to all subscribing parties
  • Predictable behavior by any other party
  • That the information presented is not deceptive and I have confidence in its source.
  • Operates in your “best interest”
  • A short-cut to building a contract
  • To rely on another
  • A willingness to accept without further discussion or independent verification, an assertion of a correspondent.
  • Confidence that I am hearing and seeing is factual and with not cause me harm.
  • A feeling of stability W|R|T another
  • Freedom from fear <3
  • Behavior between or among individuals yielding confident sharing of sensitive information.
  • Something validated by many things.
  • Verb – to expose yourself to another with conviction that they will behave well.
  • Noun – Conviction that something/someone will behave well.


  • A collection of identity systems used by multiple parties that interoperates.
  • The “good guys” on Star Trek
  • The political body of planet governments on Star Trek
  • Cooperation and Interoperation to a common standard and policies to achieve a goal.
  • In many US geographies the colloquial name for the local umbrella giving organization of the Jewish community
  • A trusted Network
  • A cooperative striving for a similar goal
  • Acceptance of credentials issued by other members of a group. Issuance and acceptance of credentials for/by other members of a group
  • Traditional Federation contract + traditional bilateral contract
  • Open Federation opt-in Behavioral alignement
  • Federation allows for decentralization of distributed systems, makes use of but is not dependent on single relying entities that can disappear.
  • Joint cause – to be aligned of in league with one anther.
  • Requires cooperation, agreement, trust interoperability better entities
  • An internal network organizational entity or legal relationship designed to enable coordinated action by independent compotnents who share values policies or expressed mission standards.
  • Skeletal Structure
  • Something that provides structure
  • Relationship between entities
  • Noun – the relationships between entities in a given context and…
  • Common Structure
  • A set of require elements used to build a stable ctructure
  • Structure of design principles/ design constraints
  • An agreement – shared by both providers and users
  • A set of accepted consider and constraints that inform a shared agreement/ input
  • Purpose built
  • Constraints and Incentives
  • A bounded environment within which a given community agrees to operate according to common rules.
  • Set of rules, policies, mechanisms creating a common platform.
  • Verb – to place boundaries around a thing “ we frameworked like crazy, that identity problem”
  • Design constraints.


  • confidentiality
  • “everybody’s got something to hide” ‘cept for me and my monkey. That thing I spend to little thinking about because lea like the beatle’s song….?
  • The desire to maintain confidentiality with the freedom of choice as to when and with whom to share that which is considered confidential.
  • An element of safety in information exchange
  • secure networks
  • the absesnes of others

physical isolation

  • ability to control who can see me naked


  • something kids don’t understand or see the value of
  • The exception that control over information about you will be respected by others


  • No leek of info
  • Protecting personal information from unauthorized disclosure.
  • The privileged to withhold information
  • The control that we have over our data actions spaces and thereabouts w.r.t. their publicity and sharing
  • That which remains unclear only a specified individual or groups control.
  • The ability to protect information.
  • The ability to selectively control who knows secrets.

Privacy Right

  • A basic human right that when respected would ensure our freedoms as we know them today.
  • Right to decide what I wish to share with others
  • The right to control the flow of your personal data

User control

  • Anonymity


  • Extremely selective secrecy
  • Having things personal to me held in confidence and respected
  • Mind your own business
  • User managed access to pii
  • User consent
  • The freedom to act without others having knowledge of your actions.
  • Disclosure control.

User control

  • User controlled sharing of their information
  • User allows what can and can’t be shared.
  • The ability to decide who knows who you are what you have and what you’re doing.
  • Controlled information by the individual
  • User Control
  • Protected Information
  • Community defined, Controlled Information
  • Control outgoing information flow
  • A verifiable accomplishment
  • Respecting social boundaries and conventions
  • Having my boundaries respected


  • Perception
    • Feeling of safety
    • Comfort with situation
    • Confidence in a condition
    • Something that provides confidence to transact/get data moving etc. etc. etc.
    • A state of minimal risk
    • Feeling of safety and assurance
    • A state of well-being
  • Rules control
    • The art/science of protecting a resource
    • The ability to protect assets
    • A trust relationship
    • Data encryption
    • A set of rules which is tough to solve with existing commuting dowes
    • Method/procedures that allow a user to believe that he/she knows what is happening with their data.
    • Protects the access to the resources by applying set of control rules.
    • Survival in hostile environment
    • Protection against attack.
    • Able to prevent intrusions.
    • The dept in charge of prevention.
    • Knowing enough about who you are dealing with to make the risk of continuing manageable.
    • Providing controlled access
    • Making sure valuable things are protected
    • The scheme associated with managing one’s identity and infrastructure.
    • Protection of resources
    • User access management
    • People, process, technology to auncoratic risk.
    • Security is a state of feeling that nothing or no one out there CAN exploit/misuse/confiscate anything you rightfully own.
    • Knowing your future in secure.
    • Establishment of confidence for an individual or entity’s actions “to be sure”
    • Never having an unencrypted copy of your vital info on someone else’s server.


  • Mutual benefit
  • Holistic computing world


Mutually beneficial


  • A network of systems which collaborate with each other to attain certain objectives.
  • A number of ecosystem individual interacting elements interdependent.
  • Decentralized cooperation.
  • Biological environment that supports a variety of symbiotic life forms


  • Framework for interop
  • Technical systems and interactions between similar business systems


  • Stuff that needs each other



  • Diversity Inclusive

Common Rules

  • Evolving over time




  • Ecosystem = Community
  • Community
  • A more balanced Fronted and backend system





  • Trust
  • A system with balance where each entity performs their own role and depends on each other implicit trust and trade offs


  • The Milieu in which all things eat and, in turn, are eaten.
  • A group of entities working together mutually benifiting
  • An organized arrangement of interrelated actors
  • Environment where competing and complimentary systems interact
  • System of systems
  • Interdependent entities and how they act and react to each other and their environment
  • An interdependent group of entities whose activities feed and aid the growth of the entities around them
  • The plural for an assembly of more than one eco a system of ecos, ecosystem
  • Natural biological definition: A network of living systems that interact and interdependent upon each other forming a wholistic community of life.
  • Identity Ecosystem: Multiple domains of identity systems including business, legal and technical layers and participants, that cross-boundaries and interact as a whole.
  • A set of interdependent organiz
  • The interactions and relationships between entities in a closed system
  • A collection of interdepend things.
  • Collection of players in the industry who each contribute a part for the complete industry to exist.
  • An environment containing a collection of species and organisms
  • An interrelated, interconnections, and interdependence complex of individual organisms considered as a whole.


Identity characteristics - unique that differentiate an individual for all other.

  • Personality, characteristics, and mindset of an individual.
  • Set of attributes uniquely representing an indivdiaul
  • How I perceive myself
  • How other perceive me
  • The notion of who or what someone or something is
  • The way I am
  • The different ways others think or recognize who I am
  • Who you can be proven to be
  • Refers to the entity that can assert prove who you are.
  • Depends on who you ask
    • Authenticaiton
    • Authorization
    • Sense of self
    • Identification
    • Biometric matching/scanning
  • Who you are
  • Persona is a relationship (Identity in Context)
  • That which can be identified
  • A collection of personas and attributes which are bound to a single unique entity (entity can be a human being, a group etc).
  • What you know about me
  • Who I am, within a certain context.
  • The essence of me!
  • The being my parents named at my birth and only I have the right to re-name
  • The being whom only I have the full right to name
  • A handle used to communicate with me
  • A context for interactions and trust
  • The sum total of all that an individual entity is, physically and virtually
    • Every thing an entity touches
  • A set of properties that define or describe who you are.
  • The individual set of attributes that make up that self.
  • The attributes associated with an entity that in total describe its unique and important qualities in a given context.
  • The sum total of an the information that is associated with or known about you.
  • Who I am, my behaviors, my actions, everything I touch and interact with in the physical world and virtual


  • What others think of you
  • A first impression based on historical information
  • Known history of a thing or person
  • Expectation to produce results (if good)
  • Record of past actions
  • What people remember about X
  • Measure of quality as defined by a peer group.
  • The socially constructed qualified associated with an entity
  • What systems remember about you
  • What others say about you
  • A means to regulating access or permissions
  • What people think of you
  • The impression of someone/something in people’s mind
  • What entities (apps etc) know via trust marks or certification about other apps
  • The sum of your actions and interactions with others
  • Your skills, interest, morals summarized
  • An interpretation of one’s accumulated past/historical activities
  • Reputation is how other people perceive me.
  • What others think about you.
  • What people think they know about you.
  • The mirror for everything
  • The trust for everything
  • Public rating from mass audience
  • Combined set of expectations about an individuals or a group’s performance and behavior.
  • Reputation is an external view of an individual, it can be at a general level or quite specific.
  • Deep insight of behavior from close community
  • The essence of what you are best/most known for