IIW 15 Notes

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IIW 15 book of proceedings

IIW 15 Opening Session

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Session 1 11:00 – 12:00

T1A: Identity Clearing House – Loosely Coupled open standards based architecture for Identiy in the extendedenterprise

T1B: A2P3

T1D: Rhetoric – How do we talk plain language about Identity and Personal Data?

T1C: Privacy by Design – New Oasis Tech comm.. for Sotware Engineers

T1F: Focus on Consumer – Turning fear into excitement, delight about Personal Data

Session 2 12:00 – 1:00

T2A: Respect Network Founding Partners

T2B: IDESG – Mgt Council CAll

T2F: VRM Challenge: Let’s Fix Subscription Bin from Customer Side

T2G: IDP - Initiated Layin and Deep Linking for Open ID Connect

T2H: Mobile Specific Open ID Connect use Cases

T2I: Anonymous – political, institutional, cultural and memitc organization without identity

Session 3 2:00 – 3:00

T3A: Connect Me and miiCard “Trusted Reputations”

T3B: Account Chooser Launching – Taking the AC Show on the road this autumn – help write the show

T3D: Authentication on Mobile Devices – Crypto and

T3E: Collaboration, Forking, and organic proliferation in the age of the personal cloud

T3F: Customer Commons plus VRM Brainstorm

T3G: Death To NSTIC -2- Long Live NSTIC

T3H: Use Cases for Personal Clouds, Community Clouds, Family Clouds

T3I: Reputation Consulting .05 cents

Session 4 3:00 – 4:00

T4A: OAuth Security (Beyond Bearer Tokens)

T4B: NSTIC Pilot Overview – Attribute Exchange Network (AXN) / Demo

T4C: Unleashing the Multimind – What’s next – or could be – in our most personal daily experience and utilization of all this stuff

T4D: Building the Identity Ecosystem Framework

T4F: Kynetx – Personal Cloud Prototype

T4G: Consuming OpenID Connect 101

Session 5 4:00 – 5:00

T5A: OX Open Source – OpenID Connect and UMA / Demo

T5B: Personal Analytics and Insight for Consumers – using Personal Data to Enlighten the Individual

T5D: How will Identity plus VRM Change Real Estate and Mortgage Banking

T5F: Secure Identity Without Username or Password

T5J: Location = Control Control = Ownership – How addressing establishes ownership and what to do about it

T5H: XDI Personal Cloud Desktop

Wednesday Oct 24

Session 1 9:30 -10:30

W1A: Sales Force Identity – The Facebook for Business (Part 2)

W1B: OpenID Connect Session – Management and Login

W1C: External Browser and Mobile Apps

W1F: Identity and API Economy plus Privacy by Design

W1G: The New Privacy

W1H: Manufacturing, Registration Cards and Digital Birth Certificates

Session 2 10:30-11:30

W2A: Sales Force Identity – The Facebook for Business (Part 2)

W2B: Hybrid Mobile/Nets App Auth With Oauth2 Trickery

W2C: Liberating Personae from Identity

W2E: OAOTH 2.0 RS – AS Token Query Flows

W2F: Customer Commons - The Magic Wand Project

W2G: Consumers and Public Records

W2I: Personal Cloud Obstacles (continued from Tuesday)

W2J: Personal Data Startups Connect and Catalyze – next steps and PDEC StartUp Map (stages, models, patterns)

Session 3 11:30-12:30

W3A: Education Customers and Companies

W3B: Google Identity Toolkey – What other problems should we research?

W3C: Mobile SSO Password Proliferation…. Any solutions??


W3G: The act1v8 Project (VRM and Trust for Charity and Community Services

W3H: DATA COOPS and BIZ Models

W3I: Customer 2 Business – Will Federation Really work?

W3J: Social Intentions – Private App on Facebook to express your true intentions

W3K: Personal Cloud Prototype (Reprise)

W3L: Opportunities for Developers around Personal Cloud Cloudstore

Session 4 2:30-3:30

W4A: Trusted Identities “You are who you say you are”

W4B: OIX (Axw6) Attribute Exchange Trust Framework – Progress Report

W4C: Attribute Exchange Technical Overview

W4D: Health Record Banks – Personal Cloud for Health

W4E: Investors Corner / Where Investors and Entrepreneurs Come Together

W4F: MAKE HISTORY – Be the 1st to get a User-centric Next-gen Secure Private Identity

W4G: Security and Permission in Personal Cloud Connections

W4H: SCIM – As An ATTRUBUTE Provider?

W4J: World Economic Forum: Update on ‘Rethinking Personal Data’

W4L: Freedom Box Workshop

Session 5 3:30-4:30

W5A: OpenID Graph 1.0

W5B: OIDF Workgroup – Account Chooser

W5C: Beyond Prophylaxis – Next Steps post ad and tracking blocking

W5F: KRL – XDI Integration

W5G: correct house battery staple: Strong Passwords…. Passphrases.. are they still relevant/necessary?

W5H: Personal Data and Gamification---Consumer use case Brainstorming focus on *Fun *Beneficial *Opt-In

W5I: OATH 2 Dynamic Client Registration

Thursday Oct 25

Session 1

TH1D: Mapping the Identity Ecosystem Framework ‘A Whiter Shade of Gray” – (Input for NSTIC Plenary Next Week)

TH1F: OAuth2 Chaining and Re-Delegation

TH1G: Personal.Com Blog Post

TH1H: 11 Models of “Trust”

TH1I: Education and beyond… How to mamage new Privacy Risks on Rapid Moving trends

Session 2

TH2D: IDESG Mapping Prep… Source Documents and SEEDS for Mapps (NSTIC)

TH2F: Wallets - Ours OR Google, Apple, ? (VRM)

TH2G: A Trust Framework for Open ID Connect AND beyond…. (with Unicorns)

TH2H: What is ‘Real Name” ?

TH2I: High Level Programming

TH2J: Webfinger

Session 3

TH3F: OIDF Board Meeting

TH3G: UE for ID/PDE or UX plud Tech for IDENTITY across Devices ‘1 Enterprise Experience from Browsers to Washing Machines?

TH3H: Account Recovery: How can we do better? Without back doors?

TH3I: Ultimate Realization of User Managed Contract / Terms and Policies Proffered by individuals


Session 4

TH4A: OAuth RoadMap (new specs, more interop, additional use cases)


TH4G: Interesting Challenges of Bi-Directional Federated and Delegations

TH4H: Freedom Box Workshop

TH4I: Open Source Personal Clouds / What, Why, How

Session 5

TH5A: Intent Casting Prototype

TH5H: ‘Group Therapy’ Being a Pioneer and Communicating You Vision to Stakeholders

TH?: REDDIT are there lessons for the Identity Community in recent events?