IIW 14 Notes

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Session 1

A: Film (T1A)

C: OAuth Overview for Beginners (T1C)

D: Personal (Mozilla) Browser ID (protocol) (T1D)

E: NSTIC Update, Pilots, Government Recommendations (T1E)

F: VRM Intro (Vendor Relation Management) Developments (T1F)

G: New to IIW / Identity etc… overview from Kaliya Q and A (T1G)

I: Identity Management for the Internet Advertising Ecosystem (T1I)

Session 2

A: OIX Attribute Exchange Working Group (AXWG) Progress Update (T2A)

B: OpenID Connect – The Intro (T2B)

D: Find Out And Control You Digital Footprint (T2D)

E: XDI: what the hell is it? What is it good for? how does it fit with openID connect? Why isn’t it dead yet? (T2E)

G: DATA ----- the gap ------ Getting it (AHA!) (T2G)

H: Building a 4th Party VRM Start-Up (T2H)

K: OAuth and SASL / Open Issues “to http or not http….” (T2K)

Session 3

A: Account Chooser.com / OIDF Working Group update, next steps, your ideas (T3A)

C: Demo with Freedom Box (you can participate!) (T3C)

D: OAuth Security (T3D)

E: How to Educate Consumers on privacy/identity/security issues? (T3E)

F: VRM 2012 Outreach Planning / What vendors will go first? (T3F)

G: Standard Information Sharing /Label (T3G)

H: Health Care Regs: What Are They REALLY? (T3H)

I: Federated Authorization / XACML, OAUTH, TVE…. (T3I)

J: NSTIC’s Identity Ecosystem / Privacy Coord. Standing Committee (T3J)

K: What is a Personal Cloud? (T3K)

Session 4

A: Attribute Provider Network Demo via Open ID/OAuth (T4A)

C: Mobile Identity and Dual – (multi) Persona (T4C)

D: A Deterministic Model for Trust Framework Interoperability (T4D)

E: OAuth/SMAL/OpenID for non-web applications – SMTP/IMAP/SSM (T4E)

F: VRM Language (lockers vs smelly socks) Lexicon = what do we call the WHO and WHAT we work on? (T4F)

G: What Happens When my Federated Identity Fails? (T4G)

H: Zero – Trust Identity (T4H)

I: Open ID Connect + Metadata ???? (T4I)

J: How Can My Company Afford VRM? (T4J)

Session 5

A: Writing Apps that are Easier to Defend than Attack (T5A)

C: Resource Server to Authorization Server Commuications JACML? (T5C)

D: Biometrics into the NET with Smartphones (T5D)

E: Year 2 of the Personal Data Ecosystem (T5E)

G: Personal Data Ecosystem Consortium (PDEC) (T5G)

H: Government of British Columbia Digital ID + Authentication (T5H)

I: Novel uses for Context and what is it anyway (T5I)

J: Sovereign ID vs Admin ID (T5J)

K: User – Managed Access F.A.Q: How UMA Enables – Selective Sharing (T5K)


Session 1

B: VRM + CRM(need help) Event – Sept 2012 Santa Clara (W1B)

D: NSTIC Steering Group by-laws (W1D)

F: Account Linking Service (W1F)

G: Rethinking Patents in an Open Web World – reverse the burden of discovery? (W1G)

H: Enterprise OAuth Infrastructure (W1H)

Session 2

A: Personal Data Rights Language / Self Asserted Terms – Policies – Preferences (W2A)

B: Backplane 2.0 Widget Collaboration Protocol (W2B)

C: SCIM 101 (W2C)

D: API’s (W2D)

F: NSTIC How do we bring relying parties to the table? (W2F)

G: Personal Data Tagging a Utopia? (W2G)

H: Survey of UDID Replacements for Mobile Identity (W2H)

I: New Gov Open Data to Corral Politicians (W2I)

Session 3

A: Data Wallet (W3A)

B: VRM Personas & Faceted Identity (W3B)

C: SCIM 201 (W2C)

D: ID Federation Trust Framework Use Cases and Mock Trials (W3D)

F: Dynamic, Multi-Attribute Authentication – OASIS Trust Elevation TC /Open Meeting (W3F)

G: Practices, Policies and Procedures around Identity Validation (W3G)

H: CIPHER – whiteboarding on open-source language for consistent cross-platform CRYPTO (W3H)

I: New Gov Foundation / Open Board Meeting (W3I)

J: Personal Cloud work (W3J)

Session 4

A:NSTIC and Governance (W4A)

B: How can my company afford VRM? VRM Co-opetition, Developing Creative Relationships (W4B)

F: Setting up an Open Source Community - To drive adoption of a cool ID technology (W4F)

H: Communication Channels in our Personal Clouds (W4H)

I: Client Certificate Authentication & Browser Pitfalls (W4I)

J: DEMO – Social Verification and Google Street Identity (W4J)

Session 5

A: Browser Cryptography – Enabling Stronger Authentication for ID (W5A)

B: Commercializing VRM – in the marketplace (W5B)

F: Backplane 2.0 – Implementation (W5F)

G: XDI 1)Graph 101 2)Messaging 3)Link Contracts (W5G)

I: Assets Discovery for Simple Web Payment (openTransact) (W5I)

J: Personal Data Rights and Underlying Principles (W5J)

K: Health Care Regs: What are they REALLY? (W5K)


Session 1

A: Windows 8 Identity Investments (TH1A)

F: VRM: Where does it start? (TH1F)

J: Privacy - Enhanced Attribute Management / Help me understand "Privacy"' (TH1J)

Session 2

A: Confused about ID token and Access Tokens??? Lean the Key Differences (TH2A)

F: Beyond Caif - Cow / Escape from Client Server (TH2F)

G: Are Custom URI Handles EEEEVil? Or Workable? Alternatives? (TH2G)

J: Lifecycle's of Digital ID's Personal Online Including DEATH ... what is life online like after you die? (TH2J)

Session 3

A: How to add an account chooser to your site - 4 line's of code but what if you want more! (TH3A)

F: Trust Framework System Rules - Business, Legal, Technical (TH3F)

G: Open ID Connect/OAuth - Token Lifetime Management (TH3G)

H: XDI the Killer App? (TH3H)

Developing World - Liberal Democracy FREEDOM - FINANCED - FUTURE TH3?

Session 4

A: SCIM 202 - Part 2 (TH4A)

F: Personal Data Rights Language NEXT STEPS PDEC StartUp Circle (TH4F)

G: Delivering Entropy Via DNS / WOrkability Challenges (TH4G)

J: UMA Open Meeting - Part 1 (TH4J)

Session 5

F: XDI Databases / small footprint - mobile development (TH5F)

H: How can we continue the discussion? (TH5H)

J: UMA Open Meeting - Part 2 (TH5J)