IIW 13 Notes

From IIW

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Session 1

A: Open ID Connect Intro (1A)

B: User-Managed Access Intro and Update (1B)

C: Cross Device /3-4 Screen Identity (1C)

D: Service Chaining With Oauth Bearer Tokens (1D)

F: IIW & Identity Community Orientation (1F)

G: Scalable Community Trust Infrastucture (1G)

I: Possible Low Frication Global ID Proofing (1I)

J: Trust Frameworks and Other Fundamentals (1J)

Session 2

A: ATandT White Paper – P.L.O.A. personal levels of assurance (2A)

B: Scalability Point to Point Federation (2B)

C: Browser ID and More in-browser identity (2C)

D: Logging on to Windows 8 With Your Live ID (2D)

E: Layered Identity in Partnerships Networks (2E)

F: What Did You Call Me? (2F)

G: Generic Identity Models (2G)

I: Endpoint Authentication Role and Standards (2I)

L: Developments In Drupal – doing something there? (2L)

Session 3

A: Evented API’s (3A)

B: Per Site Account Chooser (3B)

C: OAUTH Web Authentication Where the Protocol is and What’s Next (3C)

F: VRM for Newbies – update and Progress (3F)

G: Keeping User Data on the Endpoints/Secure and (really) Private User Centric (3G)

H: SCIM (Simple Cloud Identity Management) (3H)

K: Data Privacy and Security with UMA and SMART AM (3K)

Session 4

A: Identity Layer 4 OAuth 2 and Multi-Protocol Support Discussion (4A)

B: Per Browser (hot) Account Chooser (4B)

D: Identifying with your Bank – Global, Strong, Authz w/EMV BANK CARDS (4D)

E: Are You an RP? (an AP’s and RP’s discussion) (4E)

F: Customer Commons (the 100%) (4F)

G: Killing Passwords/ Use Mobile Phones and QR Codes for Auth-N (4G)

H: Simple WEB Payments (4H)

I: Standards Landscape (4I)

K: XDI What is it? What is it good for? (4K)

L: OAUTH2 – on Mobile Devices (4L)

Session 5

A: Federated Authorization w/ OAuth2 (5A)

B: The Role of State Government (5B)

C: Declaration of Identity / Talk and Sign (5C)

D: SMART OpenID – What Mobile Network Operators Can Contribute to OpenID (5D)

E: Internet Identity Trends – A Fun and Exciting Discussion and Analysis (5E)

F: Citizen-Based Policy / Government Relationship Management (5F)

G: OpenID Connect Spec Work Client Registration (5G)

H: A Contrarian View of Identity/Case Assumption: You are only your legal name… (5H)

I: NSTIC/FICAM Digital/Physical ID Overlap (5I)

J: Europe vs Facebook (5J)

K: Sneaky Bastards – Activism…hacking the legal “black box” making agreements accessible and possibly fun… (5K)

L: The JAVA Identity API (JSR 351) (5L)

M: Consumer Adoption of Personal Data Vault (5M)


Session 1

A: PDEC (Personal Data Ecosystem Consortium) Legal Advisory Board (W1A)

B: One ID -what, why, how vs alternative (W1B)

D: NSTIC Update (W1D)

F: HQuery Distributed Queries for Health Data (W1F)

H: Open Transact Spec Session (W1H)

K: XDI Link Contracts (W1K)

Session 2

A: VRM and Anything / Evented API’s (W2A)

B: Technology Solutions for Use Attribute Control (W2B)

C: What is the impact of a device as an entry point into an online ecosystem / data platform? (W2C)

D: Standards Landscape I (W2D)

F: CSDIP = Cross-Sector Digital Identity Program /NSTIC P.O.C. (W2F)

G: Connecting Physical and Virtual Identities Approaches (affordable) Usability, Privacy and business (W1G)

H: Converging Digital Identities with Physical Areas – facilities, critical infrastructure , etc… (W1H)

Session 3

A: Internet Authentic Ecosystem “a la Rus” (W3A)

B: What Does “interoperability” really mean (and what should it mean) in the context of NSTIC? (W3B)

D: Standards Landscape II (W3D)

F: New Gov US – Hacking Politics Steering Committee GRM (W3F)

G: Conceptual Design Model –Possible Future State (W3G)

H: Open ID Connect Flows and Levels of Assurance (W3H)

I: A National ID for the US (W3I)

L: Call for participation to Next-gen. HTTP-Auth Standardization Effort on http-auth@ietf.org (W3L)

Session 4

A: Personal Levels of Assurance = P.L.O.A. (W4A)

B: Monetizing Street Identity (W4B)

C: How do Different Technologies Align with the 4 NSTIC Guiding Principles (W4C)

D: Standards Landscape III (W4D)

E: Collaborating on the Open Web / How to get your company to Sign OWFa!! (W4E)

F: Hypothes.is / Peer Review for the Internet (W4F)

G: NSTIC – Assuring ID Services as well as the Technology (W4G)

H: Data Portability - Wading through the BullShit (W4H)

Session 5

A: BackPlane 2.0 Plus-Oauth Plus-sensitive data Plus-persisted state (W5A)

B: Monetizing Mobile Authentication ‘LMNOP’ (W5B)

C: NSTIC /4 Sessions Combined (W5C)

E: Levels of Protection (W5E)

F: Connect.Me Social Vouch-a-thon (W5F)

G: Open ID Connect Spec Work Session (W5G)

K: A Look at 10 Proofing Using the Social Graph (W5K)


Session 1

A: A Simple Hack to Pay for Everything (TH1A)

D: Personal.com DEMO (TH1D)

E: Death to NSTIC! (TH1E)

F: Open ID Connect Editing Session (TH1F)

G: Is There A Business Case for Click Stream (TH1G)

H: Personal Data Ecosystem Overview (TH1H))

Session 2

A: Building 4th Party Systems (TH2A)

F: Connect.Me Social Vuch-A-Thon (TH2F)

G: Smart OpenID Connect Chip to Cloud via Open ID Connect (TH2G)

K: NSTIC Governance or Community? (TH2K)

Session 3

A: Brave Heart P.L.O.A. Personal Levels of Assurance in a Kilt! (TH3A)

B: Password Fifty Years and Counting (TH3B)

D: Authorization Unbound: BELAY (TH3D)

F: DATA Portability – Roundtable (TH3F)

G: PDEC Technical Documentation Group (TH3G)

J: Personal Data Ecosystem Consortium / Technical Documentation and Interoperability (TH3J)

K: ID Proofing – And the Social Graph (TH3K)

Session 4

B: YUBICO – Simple Two Factor Authentication (TH4B)

D: So….. you want to do an UnConference? (TH4D)

F: My Personal Event Network Waters my Lawn (TH4F)

G: Techniques for x-site Communication in the Browser (TH4G)

H: NSTIC – PETs Privacy Enhancing Technologies/Allowed Recommended Required? (TH4H)

J: Europe vs Facebook (TH4J)

Session 5

A: Fact Registration Concept (TH5A)

F: ISWG’s Standard Information Sharing Agreement and DTAs (TH5F)

G: Start-Up Friendly “YUKON” Policy and Implementation (TH5G)

H: Strangers in the Net: When the RP is a Real Person (TH5H)

K: Deployment and Usability of Crypto Credentials (TH5K)