IIW 12 Notes

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IIW 12 Notes can be downloaded here File:IIW 12 Book of Proceedings.pdf


Session 1

A: Introduction to the JSON Spec Suite

B: Yahoo! DAA DNT Hybrid from W3C webtracking & user ID

C: Google’s Open ID Relying Partyr

E: Respect Trust Framework & Founding Trust Anchors

G: Identity Community 101

H: Simple Cloud Identity Management

I: Gov’t Regulation & Security Services & Bill of Rights

Session 2


B: How to meet privacy goals of NSTIC

C: Yahoo! As a relying party

E: Open ID ABC Identifiers & Discovery

F: Federated Identity for non-web apps

G: VRM + Browers

H: The line between public and private internet ID

I: Users in control of their data UMA

P: How many IDPs do we need?

Session 3

A: Verified ID in the browser

B: Secure Cloud Interop using JWI + OAUTH

C: An architectural approach to harmonizing data between personal data stores

D: Reputation Systems (whuffie?)

E: Open ID ABC session management


G: Can Banks act as digitial ID providers? Is there money to be made?

H: Portable Contacts 2.0

J: Security measures identity protocol flows

Session 4

A: W3C Identity in the browser topic gathering session/Info Card

B: New UMA solutions for scoped access and centralized AUTHZ

C: DNS as a personal data store and discovery mechanism

D: SSEDIC: Scoping the Single European Digital Identity Community

E: User info end point of Open ID ABC

F: JSON activity streams spec

G: Success factors for fourth parties/user agents

H: When SAAS apps exchange customer data should they use OAUTH, Open ID, or other (SAML) protocols to access the data

I: Higgins 2: Open Source personal data service

J: Bizzaro ID revenue from user purchased ID services

L: Open ID 2.0, OAUTH 2.0, Open ID ABC Where are we going?

N: Do not track! It won’t work!

Session 5

A: Personal Data: what’s the state of things today?

C: Getting rid of usernames & passwords – for real?

E: OAUTH2 Device Profile

F: Open XDI OX

G: Data portability for trust framework

H: Open Identity protocols and banking

I: Portable contexts

J: OStatus (Federate the social web)


Session 1

A: Beyond the NASCAR UI Google’s Account Chooser

B: Chained Identity in Online Entertainment

D: Info Sharing Agreement

E: Virtual Problems

F: SCIM Use Cases

I: Different IDP Business Model

Session 2

A: Packaging RP Best Practices: Google Identity Toolkit

C: Identity in the Browser: Open ID for Firefox

E: Smart User Managed Access Demo

F: Public Policy Issues in Identity

G: How do we publish from our personal data stores? Save the restful web.

H: What’s possible at intersection of trust, identity info, commerce and journalism

Session 3


B: Proxy Auth for Native App Hosts

C: Respect Trust Framework 2

E: User Managed Access: User Interface

F: SCIM Core Schema

G: Pseudo Anonymity and Reputation Systems

I: Beautiful Payment Systems w/OAUTH

Session 4

A: OAUTH2 User Agent via Window Post Message

B: What’s available for the shared user profile? Is Poco end all answer?

C: Adapting Levels of Assurance for NSTIC

D: Building a Trust Framework for Multi-side Markets


F: SCIM Bindings

G: Two Legs Good? “Client-Server” OAUTH Usage

I: Extended Demo: UI for personal data store + data sharing on mobile device cubicon

Session 5

A: Backplane Spec

B: OAUTH, Open ID Mobile UX: How should it work?

C: How to Manage Digital Multiple Identities Securely and Assuring Privacy on Internet

D: The Payment Card Trust Framework

E: VRM @ Work

F: ID/Legal: Dialogue Collaboration

G: Conversation Around Data as Currency

I: How Yahoo! Became RP: A Large Scale Implementation Study

N: Open Architecture for Step Up Authentication


Session 1

A: For Public Consumption. Choose Wisely: Identity as selective pressure on biology

C: Respect Trust Framework Q+A (part 3) Become a trust anchor

E: Data Portability for Trust Frameworks

G: OpenID Specification Work

I: Internet Bill of Rights for “Vegas” Model

Session 2

A: IETF OAUTH: Status & Next Steps


E: NSTIC Attributes

F: Purpose Binding

G: Personal Data Ecosytems

Session 3

A: What part is Identity? What part is Personal Data?

B: Open ID Specification Work

D: Bill O’Rights O Rama

E: Strategies for Ubiquity

F: NSTIC Risks Legal Liability

G: News personalized by inference or expression…managing the user’s persona

H: The Locker Project

Session 4

A: What part is Identity? What part is Personal Data?

B: Open ID Specification Work

C: Legal Structures

D: Personal Data - Stores, Lockers, Vaults

E: Square Tag

F: Red Teaming Trust Frameworks

G: Give me tips on creating persona

H: Field Guide to Real World Trust Frameworks

M: Start-ups table

Session 5

B: Open ID Specification Work (Cont.)

C: Is there value in an open reputation framework?

D: Digital Death

E: Real world VRM example + code for VRM App

F: Make OAUTH2 Easy for Rest Developers

H: Certified Identity