From IIW

Day 1

Session 1

A: Government as ID Oracle

B: How to B2B and B2C use cases in one model

C: ID Proofing the Masses

D: NSTIC 101

E: FOIA 2.0

F: PDX Ecosystem Personal Data Stores and Exchanges

G: High Assurance Consumer Identity

Session 2

A: Government as ID Oracle

B: Usability Addressing the-click-click-click problem

C: ID and Cross Domain System

D: Leveraging Identity for Scientific Collaboration

E: Ownership Rights for Personal Data

F: Personal Data Locker Video

G:Attribute Claims Identify Attributes

Session 3

A:Are Mediation Tools Useful in Authentication

B:Open Identity for Closed Government NSTIC the Cyber Security Answer?

C:What does Protect Your Privacy Mean In Government - Industry - Retail vs Wholesale Privacy

D:Building Standards for Trustable ID Providers

E:Liability and Financial models for ID PRoviders, Attribute Providers, ID Proofers

F: Personal Context Automation

G:Securing HDate Patient Centric Medical Record Federation

H:How to Make HTTP Auth Useful

Session 4

A: PRIVACY Did we solve Privacy for Web ID Systems technically already

C: [[[Personal Data Store/Archive]]

D: Service Chaining and Trust

E: Extending OpenID Assertions with SAML

F: NSTIC - Identity Ecosystem

F: Cross Federation Trust with Meta Data

Day 2

Session 1

A: OAuth What topics should we focus on next

D: Liability for IdPs APs RPs Continued

E: Getting more Gov People at IIW

F: Identity Commons 3 the big tent

Session 2

A: Government Relationship Management

C: Identity in the Browser-IIW-East

E: Enterprise OpenID

Session 3

B: Today Geekdom Tomorrow the World

D: Personal Data Locker - what is it and why

E: Ownership Rights in Data

F: Info Sec Standards Levels of Protection

G: Certification Coordination

Session 4

OAuth Signing 2

D: Making NST IC Open Making NST IC Happen

F: Roadmap for Personal Data Store Ecology Let's Make One

G: IIW-East-1-Demo

Personal Data Ecosystem =

PDX Ecosystem

Personal Context Automation

Personal Data Store/Archive

Identity in the Browser-IIW-East