Group Identity

From IIW

Session Topic: Group Identity

Wednesday 1B

Convener: Phil Wolff

Notes-taker(s): Barbara Bowen

Tags for the session - technology discussed/ideas considered:

Focus: model services that are appropriate and flexible for an endless variety of group identities.

Goal: presenting groups as entities outward facing and addressable by machine or human.

Discussion on essential importance of group identity, it begins with mother and child.

Group dynamics will continue to expand exponentially with additional 1 bn people online in next decade

Some examples of collective online identity

  • family - individual relationships presented as entity
  • investment - ownership
  • enterprise
  • events
  • locations

Comments and Concepts

  • Open social specification concept of a group is defined by individual identities.
  • Authenticate individual and then access permissions and status
    • Applications can give meaning to what groups do
    • Ad-hoc overlay onto personal address points.
  • Concept of personalization for a group
  • groups with nda and updates.
  • references with identifiers
    • portable and referenced
    • manage personalities in context

Example with Xbox media apps, movies, games family entertainment preferences.

UI group defined attributes-with administration panel (viewer control levels) could be changed dynamically; on or off, and persistent or temporary

Conclusion: Very difficult problem, yet big opportunity for personal cloud application developers