Gluu Metaprise

From IIW

Convener: Mike Schwartz

Notes-taker(s): Mike

Discussion notes:

What is Gluu

Jargony answer: Federated directory service and SAML infrastructure with identity

But what is Gluu good for? Making federation accessible for non-geeks Partner identity management SaaS / Outsourcing Organizational collaboration Help organizations share identity information Inter-domain SSO

Gluu Workflow

  • Admin registration
  • Create Organization
  • Create Community
  • Invite other Organizations to join Community

Gluu Background

  • Founded ID-Vault in 1998
  • Interdomain Identity Clearinghouse
  • Post dot-com bust: enterprise LDAP / SSO consulting British
  • Telecom Federation POC 2008-2009 Birth of Gluu 6/10/2009

Welcome to the Metaprise!

Overview of Gluu Community

Created by organization. Defines what user attributes are visible in community. Organizations specify what groups of users are shared in the community

Overview of Gluu Organization

Org Attribute information plus Idenity Assurance Indicators

Gluu LDAP Directory Information Tree (DIT)

  • Only organizations can see their own data. Community information is published via LDAP.

Gluu Synchronization Methods

  • LDAP
  • SPML
  • DSML
  • Web GUI
  • Appliance

Community Privacy Options

Community Visibility

  • Public
  • Private
  • Community
  • Custom ?
  • Opt-in ?
  • SAML Shib controlled information release
  • LDAP Opt in attribute?

Identity Assurance

  • Publish information to help organizations understand the privacy practices of their partners.