Gifting iiw9

From IIW

Michael Becker -> Joe Andrieu

Joe Andrieu -> Judy

Kaliya -> Scott David Leading IDLegal group

Bo Mcfarland -> Alan Karp

Mike Jones -> Andrew Arnott building working code, pushing envelope

Mary Ruddy -> Kaliya PETs

Andrew Arnott -> John Bradley mentor for all things openid and helps me make progress

Don Thibeau -> Mary Ruddy bridge between govt. and OpenID/Infocards

Phil Windley -> Eve Maler Know a lot more about ... now

Kaliya -> Heidi

Kaliya -> Mr. Gluu joining the community and trying to innovate in new space (between companies)

Judy -> Drummond answering newbies questions with sense of humor

Kaliya -> Patricia Wiebe someone from govt!

Kaliya -> Phil Windley putting on whole thing and working together

Silona -> Dick Hardt 5 years ago sent him a random email and he answered it and introduced me

Kaliya -> Luke Shepard

John Panzer -> Eran Hammer-Lahav hard work nailing down discovery - let's call it Hammer Stack

Drummond -> Will Norris doing all the details on spec XRD 1.0

Phil Windley -> Rich the Coffee Guy

Phil and Kaliya -> Facilities guy

Chocolates and port -> OpenID board

Judy -> Intern carrying heavy things - Jassie?