Freedom Box Update

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Freedom Box Update

Wednesday 3A

Convener: Markus


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Markus gave an update on his development of Freedombox prototypes. Nice design, updated hardware—especially compared to the freedombox from four years ago. Work needed: UI in python, packaging software in Debian.

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2015 April 8 · future, records, tools · Leave a comment

Tagged: Cross-platform software, Debian, FreedomBox, Prototype, Python, Software, Technology/Internet

We looked at the latest FreedomBox "Danube Edition" and found that it looked super sexy and "like an Apple product", as one of the participants put it. Functions include:

1. "Known" personal blogging service (support for IndieWeb protocols) 2. "OwnCloud" for personal file storage 3. "RemoteStorage" for Unhosted applications 4. XDI and RDF 5. Tor, VPN 6. etc. Besides looking at the tech, we also discussed business and marketing opportunities.