Free People Beyond the Next 10 Years – (Continuation from Wed Session/Manifesto Writing)

From IIW

Session Topic: “We Are The Last Generation of Free People”

Wednesday 1G & Thursday 4G

Convener: Kaliya Hamlin

Notes-taker(s): Kaliya Hamlin

Tags for the session - technology discussed/ideas considered:

Discussion notes, key understandings, outstanding questions, observations, and, if appropriate to this discussion: action items, next steps:

This session was called by Kaliya Hamlin to discuss the statement Julian Assange made in Dec 2013 at CCC in Germany. He said paraphasing - we are the last generation of free people and there is about 10 years left to resist the trends that are proceeding and to make sure we don’t loose our freedom.

We began the session by articulating the things we were afraid of (these were subsequently clustered into 8 broad categories. Each post-it note was written by one person and the read first set of bullets under each is are the text of those.

The next set of of bullets in blue were the solutions (which subsequently were clustered to with the 8 problem categories, but clearly some of the solutions are applicable to more then one problem cluster).

Inbetween articluating the problem and articulating the solution we also discussed how things were different now with technology.

Syping on Snail Mail happened - but was costly and more time consuming + potentially obvious that it was happening.

We had tyrany - lack of freedom and the Divine right of Monarchy.

Can law adapt to extreme power of technology?

New: Economics - beyond reasonable - open field. GPS v. Police

Anonymity is related to cost of de-anonymizing

ILLUMINATI - elite control

  • American Dominance / Imperialism
  • State controlled narrative of what is right/wrong, current events
  • Lack of randomness in the world
  • Invisible ubiquitous control of the powers of state by the monied elite
  • Breakaway civilization in space of elites lead by Musk and Theil
  • Centralized actors control decision making. This results in portions of society being increasingly marginalized - violence continues to be the primary regulatory tool.
  • What does unfreedom look like? what are we most concerned about? Loss of individual rights of choice to exist or function in a society you have to X or there will be Y punishment.
  • Elyseum, Hunger Games, Small ruling elite have total control over the vast majority of people.
  • Total subjugation to an arbitrary / involuntary collective.
    • No Money in Politics
    • More local connectivity and empowerment
    • Community Rights Movement Ordinances
    • More Local Connectivity and Empowerment
    • No Money in Politics
    • Consumer Co-Ops as Tech Platforms
    • Deliberative Democratic Processes for all levels of government in systems
    • Transform Culture through institutional structures and processes
    • Disruption of Current Electorate Habits
    • Figure out how to “clear” issues triggering of collective shame and vulnerability
    • Insist that state systems be simply explained to regular citizens
    • Invest in “schools early” stage engagement in tech vs. lawsuits later
    • Stop Policy Laundering
    • Atoms are different then Bits
    • Bounties for whistle blower info
    • Producer Consumer healing - relational capitalism?
    • Sharing Economy - supporting it digitally in real way
    • Better democracy - measurable feedback systems - quantifiable plurality
    • Wealth / power transparency

Online Tracking -> Offline Oppression

  • UN-Freedom “online” more and more affecting the “real world.
  • Organizing....collective action is practically inhibited to prevent change and social dissent.

Violence / Accountability

  • Widespread unaccountable market for violence
  • Violent suppression of nonviolent dissent
    • Police / Military Accountability and Regulation
    • Empathy / Peaceful parenting

Hivemind/Lack of Discourse

  • No divers and critical thinking
  • Total loss of individual autonomy
  • No disagreement = no diversity =no resilience
  • Death of Political Dissent
  • Hivemind by Radio Telepathy
  • Censored Content based on Political/Religious Ideology
  • Sock Puppetry + Astroturf-auto-matic detection mechanisms.


  • Indifference (People Accepting Surveillance, Censorship, etc as Normal).
    • Agorism
    • P2P Economy - crypto currencies, distributed exchange, local and personal production.

Computer - Control

  • Algorithmic enforcement of societal norms.
    • Build respectful software for the world we want.
    • Distributed, Anonymous, Encrypted Mesh Cloud Networks and Storage
    • Search and seizure laws catch up with technology
    • Web protocols and application that empower individuals both in their access to synthesized information and in their control over distribution of information. Goal: Self-Balance

Government Opacity

  • Lack of government transparency / punishment of whistleblowers
    • Government Transparency
    • Open Data is Not Enough - Citizen Tools public tools to sense make address challenges
    • MayOne SuperPAC


  • Privacy for the powerful, transparency for the weak
  • No Privacy.
    • = no safe space
    • = no places/times where we can make ourselves vulnerable
    • = no diversity of ideas/behaviors ways of living.
    • = no resilience
  • Privacy goes away completely. Government knows everything.

Oops! It’s happened already!

  • Unfreedom - There is no longer a safe space anywhere (on your person, in your home, in the cloud, etc) where individuals can store their personal info and data without the reis of it being seized, searched and compromised by an authoritative body.
  • Ubiquitous Surveillance - by government & of each other.
  • The Details of our lives are wholly-owned assets of third party entities.
    • Data is recognized as property owned by the individual.
    • Work on technologies that improve privacy and security on the internet.
    • Other forms of violence - economic, psychological are acknowledged
    • Resistance the government systems of surveillance via local political bodies - city, county and state.
    • Breakdown Tight Hierarchy towards Decentralized.


  • On facebook no one will hear me scream
    • Buy a Microphone
    • I don’t know the solution, but it has to be social, technical, political, economic legal etc. all in one.