Events around IIW11

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IIW is November 2-4 and around it are many meetings for various communities.

  • The OpenID Foundation will host a “OpenID Summit” to discuss the progress of its technical working groups on the afternoon of Monday, November 1 at Facebook’s Headquarter’s in Palo Alto. The OpenID Foundation Board of Directors will have a face-to-face board meeting at the conclusion of the IIW the afternoon of November 4. Please contact Don Thibeau with questions and comments.
  • The UMA WG will hold a face-to-face meeting on Monday Nov 1 at the Computer History Museum. Contact Eve Maler with questions.
  • Kynetx will host a DevDays for people interested in knowing more about the evented-web and how to create event-aware applications using the Kynetx developer platform on Friday, Nov 5 at the Computer History Museum. Contact Brad Hintze with questions. Register here (use discount code iiw_kynetx for a 100% IIW affiliate discount)
  • OpenID Foundation will be having a dedicated session at IIW for retailers preparing for a kickoff OpenID Retail Summit in Q1 at PayPal. Janrain and PayPal are taking the lead on developing an agenda with input from retailers, OIDF members, and other interested parties. More info here:

Open Retail Advisory Committee ORAC Overview Presentation

Feel free to add additional meetings here