Enterprise Single Sign-On and Social Networking *Mobile Centric*

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Enterprise Single Sign On and Social Network (mobile centric)

Thursday 3D Convener: Matt Voger


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A demo was presented the Yada protocol to the group showing an identity located on a mobile device being used to authenticate with different systems and how those systems could disseminate friend requests and friendship between each other.

The bulk of the discussion was related to the explanation of the Yada protocol and how it can enable to global social graph aka distributed social network.

The group determined that possible industries for this technology include healthcare and the transfer of patient medical history. Challenges included creating policy to determine what information is share with which relationships. This was accepted as an action item for development.

Another concern was enterprise identities for employees being accessible able the employment ends. The solution to this would be to make the identity only accessible though VPN.

It was finally determined by the group that if the policy implementation were satisfactory that the Yada protocol could be a viable solution in distributed identity environments, including healthcare.