Do People want to Own and Manage Their Identity

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People care about identities less than they care about relationships and -------------.

Problem with metaphor – look for metaphors, but carry the baggage. Chris Lunt talking about identity issues. Progressive revealing of information over time.

What do people want to manage - The relationships and the amount of trust they receive.

What is identity – Is identity in this context the one person and their outward manifestations, or is it each relationship being its own identity. There is a free speech aspect to identity. Which concept of identity do you care about.

Identity should be invisible. It is not an end in itself.

Benefit of identity is the capacity to take credit – attribution. Way to prove what you can do.

Two camps – Identity cautious – care about identity

Operational aspects – want easiest user experience.

Want folks building the protocols to ______.

Which me are we talking about – managing multiple identities. Which me is involved.

How do you manage multiple persona metaphor.

All try to be integrated people and have disjointed roles that not want to overlap.

Only want to deal with multiple dimensions when needed. Context sensitivity.

It is about context. All enjoy so many contexts, cannot manage them in particular fashions.

What does the individual want now. Most people not thinking in a complex way. They want a simple – fear and satisfaction. Build in the simple. Don’t overthink it.

Apply metaphors to simplify the discussion.

Something to enable it and make it simple. Build into the code, the ability to make it simple in every use case.

3 things must get right

  • Some type of identity management – for transactions and attribution/authentication.
  • Must have control
  • Must have transparency – so have comfortable

This is where VRM comes in – decide how much of what data want to reveal at the moment.

No one goes out to buy car because they want to change oil.

Also, people worry about the automatic collection of information “behavioral advertising” That is an issue.

That is where it gets so complex. Automated elements.

Difference of identifier and identity.

How would user manage

How make it easier for people who want to manage their identity,

Concept of a selector – Some folks want an identity manager that can trust to do most of the things correctly most of the time.

Have identity management by third party that is agnostic, neutral.

VRM – How do you get to implementation.

Financial model – can manage it yourself, can manage it through third parties. What are the incentives

Moving value around the net. Interested parties would rather not recognize that value, so that users won’t require to be paid for that asset.

Make it more like currency, change the dynamics. Money is not copyable.

Gray area between hard fact and reputation.

Good system allows correction.

Future uses of pieces of data that putting out there that cant imagine now. Great argument

People don’t want to manage their identity, but want to manage what other folks do with their identity.

Only way to manage is to dilute.

All of this data being collected

Hazards of the communication of information that want to keep things secret. Having privacy

Anonymity is the best shield from the tyranny of _______./

Need to establish what the terms of engagement are – what is the digital deal. The net effect of .

We have the chance to be the first tech initiative to calculate and the benefit and burden

What is the digital deal