Define Personal Cloud Logo Terms

From IIW


  • Jeff Stollman
  • C.Live Boulton
  • Johannes Ernst (host, note taker)

Objective: We have a newly designed logo for personal clouds. Under which terms should anybody be allowed to use it?

After some discussion, we made the following decisions:

  1. We create a board of 12 stewards for the logo
  2. For the initial stewards, we ask for volunteers on the personal clouds mailing list
  3. If there turned out to be more than 12 volunteers, we organize a vote on the mailing list.
  4. The board of stewards will give itself a charter. This will include:
    • stewards will meet/teleconference at least once a year, and as needed
    • stewards will decide on taking action / not taking action on possible infringement
    • stewards will vote on terms for the logo and possible revisions of terms
    • when a steward resigns or otherwise ceases to be a steward, the remaining stewards will decide on replacement procedures (e.g. by vote on the mailing list)
  5. Use of the logo:
    • is generally permitted on a non-discriminatory basis, by individuals and organizations, but:
    • license to use logo is time-limited (e.g. one year) so we can update terms at least once a year should that be necessary
    • electronic use of the logo must be clickable to a page that lists the current terms for use of the logo
    • users of the logo should have to register
    • no modifications are permitted to the logo
    • logo must only be used for the purpose of declaring support for the principles of personal control over data, apps and terms.