Data Traceability in the cloud

From IIW

Convener: Steve Holcombe, Pardalis, Inc.

Notes-taker: Scott David of K&L, Gates

Tags: Supply chain, Fragmented, Complex, Federated, Products, Trust, “4th Party”, mandate, industry, government, health, safety, liability, traceability

Discussion notes:

Case study examination of USDA’s declaration of mandating animal identification to livestock supply chains following the 2003 mad cow case, early implementation of a market driven (i.e., profit driven) data identity and traceability system by Pardalis, Inc. for small calf producers, and the subsequent collapse of the marketplace because of USDA’s failure in 2006 to introduce their sought-for mandate.

Lack of products and services provided to fragmented beginnings of supply chains due to lack of data (e.g., no “life insurance” for diseased livestock of small farmers because not enough data upon which to do risk analysis); liability concerns as a driver regarding genetically modified crops and/or allergens; and lost opportunities for selling ag products overseas due to lack of authenticated data traceability.

Correlation of cattle and ag commodities to other product supply chains (lead painted toys, melanine laden food), and leveraging the ‘identity’ movement into commercial supply chains.

Misc.: Further discussed the common need for trusted entities along complex supply chains; possible use of info cards (including conditional access to encrypted, individual data elements); and activity streams.