Data Store Interop?? How Do We Bridge Private Island of Users?

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Data Store Interop? How Do We Bridge Private Islands of Users?

Day/Session:Wednesday 5I

Convener:Lisa LeVasseur

Notes-taker(s): Liam Broza, Lisa LeVasseur

Discussion notes, key understandings, outstanding questions, observations, and, if appropriate to this discussion: action items, next steps:

How do we bridge islands of users?  Technology islands [micro-ecosystems] created by Identity Systems, Digital Wallet/Data Store providers, etc.

 Observed Pain Points with current state of Personal Data Ecosystem industry: 

  1. App development is hard—which technology choices do I make, as an App developer/service provider to consumers?  Which data store “sandbox” do I choose—I can’t build for all.
    • Unfavorable economics of app development.

 #As a consumer, I want to be able to go into Best Buy and buy hardware that complies with “I’m in charge of my data, data usage and contract”; I want to be able to select apps that comply with “I’m in charge of my data, data usage and contract”.  I want to be in charge my relationship with my service provider. 

    • I don’t have enough choices for tech that isn’t operating as surveillance capitalists.
    • I want a grok-able “nutritional content” label for technology and tech providers.

 #There is a proliferation of “plumbing” / infrastructure, but not interoperable:

    • Identity systems,
    • Personal Data Stores / Digital Wallets,
    • Consent management/permission management solutions.

Need interoperability around:

  • The way things decentralize,
  • The way things authorize, and
  • The way things get stored.
  • and the way things get shared.

Are there sufficient standards for this?

Need to separate data model from the Auth model.  

Need an IDL for data; so then we can index & query and write services on top. 

how to mind map concepts, project & people.  

Human factors considerations:  peoples’ existing [bad?] habits vis a vis apps and technology.’

Business model considerations:  Big dogs not particularly incentivized to change their business models.

  • > won’t happen until users have choices other than the big dog ecosystems.
  • Need a new ecosystem 

Some talk about open hardware development, getting also at trusted devices/platforms, and the economics that open HW will enable. 

Need a solution that addresses both technology enablers and business models.

 Discussion around industry consortia that create industries by:

  • Clarifying and or writing specifications,
  • Certifying solutions (in this case HW, apps, services, websites)
  • Consumer facing brand, promotion, education, and fostering adoption

Is there interest in such an industry consortia? 

  • Yes

Whiteboard from this session: