DHS S&T IDM Program’s R&D

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DHS S&T IdM Program's R&D, Goals & Overview

Tuesday 1C

Convener: Anil John

Notes-taker(s): Heather Vescent

Discussion notes, key understandings, outstanding questions, observations, and, if appropriate to this discussion: action items, next steps:

Interested in "What is the role of government in the identity ecosystem?"

The more choices in the environment, the more in the competitive environment.

Identifying the market failures, mitigating to fix it and make sure enough work to have a competitive environment going forward.

Act as a trusted agent/resource for solving government identity problems.

An R&D organization - 1 to 5 years out. Not interested in solving current problems, or addressing market problems that can be corrected by the market.

Problem driven research organization.

Stakeholder needs: large buckets that we say we need

Not a lot of work in the adapt area. having systems and capabilities that operate under duress, when they have been compromised, etc. e.g. that have product/technology resiliency.

A practical model for digital identity and privacy

Digital Identity Model: sign in, verified person, consent and authorization, trusted digital identity, trusted and standardized infrastructure.

It's important to know what you don't want to do. So this outlines the bounds of the work at DHS S&T.

Can this pain be solved using current technology (what is in the ecosystem)? Solved by warm introduction, but not funded. Interested in the current state of technology to map and give a warm introduction.

More involved where the current technology can not solve the problem. In these cases, I am more of a VC.

Private Sector engagement:

Technology awareness

Talent sourcing

Transition partnership

Leveraging the private sector.

R&D Valley of Death - where a MVP but it is not enough to be market viable. Needs to be productized.

Second valley of death - have a product, have a company, but don't have a good customer. So you can't get funding. Iterate, validate or pivot.


Fund multiple projects that are solving the same problems. This supports multiple diverse solutions and a competitive marketplace.

Question about Open Source. If there is a community around the open source, then sure, but if not already in place, concerns.

Prefer agile iterative development to waterfall. I want to see iterations as it is developed.

Success is, the customer need is addressed.

Quarrel - bridge btw FIDO and certificates

NFC for Pax - a secure channel over NFC, next step is to apply to bluetooth model.

Interest in non-carbon based lifeforms. e.g. spoofing.

IOT, security, blockchain projects. Key management system. funding a decentralized key management system. flexible ledgers. data that is validated as true and right, to be able to stand up in court. counter fraud and anomaly detection.