Compatibility JSON-LD & Indy Proof Request Exchange

From IIW

Compatibility between JSON-LD and Indy Proof Request Exchange

Tuesday 5E

Convener: Dan Gisolfi

Notes-taker(s): Dan Gisolfi

Discussion notes, key understandings, outstanding questions, observations, and, if appropriate to this discussion: action items, next steps: The W3C Verifiable Credentials Specification (“VC-Spec”) currently recommends the use of JSON-LD to define structured content for credentials. Unfortunately, several cryptographic techniques for selective disclosure using zero knowledge proofs require identity attributes to be described in a flat data model. Given the ratification path underway for the VC-Spec and the work going on in support of projects like Hyperledger Indy, we need a non-disruptive path forward while not reducing the desired benefits of solutions like Sovrin.

Given that we had the right people in the room face-to-face , namely Daniel Hardman (Evernym), Nathan George (Sovrin) and Manu Sporny (Digital Bazaar), we were able to recommend a way for the VC-Spec to suggest how to handle anonymous credentials and selective disclosure without expanding the mission of the VC-Spec which cannot include crypto topics. As a result, a pull request (PR) against the VC-Spec will be submitted.