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Key concepts

  • Vision
  • concept of identity is expanding
  • a spectrum of light and heavyweight identities
  • ids are about community
  • there is a community working on this problem

Identity Commons

  • overview
    • Mary Ruddy
    • Eugene Kim
    • Kaliya Hamlin
  • Human interest cameos
    • judi
    • julie smith
    • Andrew Nash

There's a new deal coming -- the Digital Deal

  • Johannes Ernst

Multiple facets of your Identity

  • Charles Andres
    • Multifacet speech
    • social professional family travel hobbies citizen of town, state, country, planet

so you need a spectrum of lightwidth and hevy wt identities to manage yoru personal, professional, and social life.

= Fundamental Intiatives

  • Open ID
    • David Recordon
    • Bill Washburn
  • SAML
    • Paul Madsen
    • Eve Maler
  • Information Cards
    • Mike Jones
    • Charles Andres


  • Joe Andrieu
  • Doc Searls


  • grand summarizing statement
  • provide links for continued research (to keep going for those feeling momentum)

Additional Video Source materials -- (incl. video shown Monday)