Community Awards 08b

From IIW

At the end of each IIW we place gifts in the middle of the circle and invite people to give them to those at the conference and in the community that have made contributions that were meaningful.

Dick Hardt: to Eric Sachs for moving things fowarrd

Eric Sachs: to Erin Hammer (Yahoo?) for talking about discovery

Jeff: to Kaliya for endless energy

Eric T: to Drummond for loosing the XRI TC vote

Drummond: to our Barista

Mike Jones: to to John Bradley for being aware of esoterica Drummond

Drummond: to Joe Andrieu for helping support VRM Joe: to Doc for being visionary and being crazy open source guy

Doc: to Phil W for organizing things here

Mary Ruddy: to Eugene Kim for being guiding light and continuous participation in ID Commons

Dazza: for Civic ID - Lou Klepner

and civic ID guy to Dazza for his work

Kaliya: to An (with one N) for bringing great energy and spirit

An: to Alex Rosen for scholarship paper (senior year)

Gary Marx: to Jay Smarr for ?

? to Nat Sakamura for ?

Nat: to ?

Jeff H to Judi Clark for diving in, making nice contribs

Lucy L: to Marty and Charles for being unifying voices

Marcus: to (brown t-shirt) for doing something really cool

Drummond: to ? for going down to the router level of stuff

Greg Biggers: to Joe Andrieu for being his official ambassador