Business of Self-Sovereign Identity Proposed Topics

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Proposed Topics by those who have registered ~

What are the critical questions about The Business of SSI you are hoping to discuss with peers at this event?

  • I have lots to share + discuss
  • State of the art in SSI agents/wallets
  • How are we going to make sure we're not creating more problems for consumers with SSI wallets than we're solving with SSI adoption by organizations? If I need to have a different wallet for work, healthcare, my credit union, my school, etc — that'll be a mess. If key management is hard, that'll be a mess. Same if backup/recovery is hard, or changing wallet apps/service is hard/impossible, etc.
  • How are ecosystem participants incorporating credentials into their business processes? What pain points exist here, and how are people solving them today?
  • Any specific legal questions pertinent to SSI that are top of mind.
  • Initiating strong leadership in ecosystem governance as a requirement for business success
  • How to represent digital versions of assets with DIDs/VCs
  • Wallet strategies for non MVR/DMV operators
  • How can we improve adoption, potentially through deep collaboration.
  • About the interoperability and about the standard adoption like some companies are in favor of JWT based Vcs and some are in favor of BBs . .. How will this going to get aligned
  • What proportion of businesses wish to build an ecosystem? What are the key governance considerations for ecosystem builders? What bottlenecks are businesses facing or expecting to face in their efforts to building ecosystems? What questions are SSI advocates facing from internal enterprise stakeholders? Do businesses see value in the reusability of verifiable credentials by services outside of their ecosystems?
  • What is the model for decentralized governance for SSI?

What topics are you thinking about presenting about and discussing at this event?

  • Adoption strategies, business models, chicken-egg problem
  • edge-based SSI agents
  • I've spent the last 6 years working on and thinking about empowering the liquid workforce - knowledge workers selling their expertise and services, building the tools and products to help them do so, help clients manage & pay them, etc. Extending SSI to the professional & business aspect of a person - their verified professional identify, and getting input & thoughts from experts on that.
  • We are planning to discuss more about the delegation and offline verification part , how we can handle the authorization and delegation efficiently in a complex business scenario using Verifiable credentials and how we can enable the offline verification process
  • Understanding the barriers to enterprise adoption Ecosystem building

What are you hoping to learn about or hear a presentation about at this event?

  • Implementation of KERI in this area
  • DIF standards adoption
  • Adoption of DIF standards
  • As an attorney/volunteer researcher who is very interested in SSI, I am hoping to learn about specific legal issues that come up in the context of SSI.
  • state of the industry, adoption by companies in technology, where we are in lifecycle of things being adopted / in growth mode
  • Interoperability: other businesses who will benefit in similar ecosystems/industries as my own
  • Overview of SSI
  • How many public sectors have implemented SSI and their usecases. Many more interesting cases how SSI have been successfully working.
  • Perspectives of "intrepreneurs" trying to get SSI adopted by their enterprise