Business of SSI Proposed Topics

From IIW

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What are the critical questions about The Business of SSI you are hoping to discuss with peers at this event?

  • What are typical licensing/subscription models for SSI software?
  • What's a good balance between open-source and proprietary software?
  • What are differences between offering products to governments and private sector?
  • What SSI use cases don't lead to commodity models?
  • Confront with other businesses using SSI. How to generate value from the decentralisation of data.
  • How do we communicate the value of SSI to the owners of the incumbent legacy systems?
  • How do we structure our business arrangement to maintain the sovereignty that this tech promises?
  • convergence and divergence of the future of decentralized identity
  • How to write a business plan and calculate Total Available Market (TAM) for SSI.
  • Who is buying and why?
  • Best practices for integrating Voting and SSI. Citizen Political Data governance frameworks for voter, candidate, lobbyist, SIG, and jurisdiction data streams within the SSI framework.

What topics are you thinking about presenting about and discussing at this event?

  • What are today's barriers to monetization? What moats can be raised to defend a startup? What moats shouldn't be raised so the ecosystem prospers?"
  • Wallet, App, AI, Data Marketplaces
  • Experience from working for Sedicii, building Privacy-Preserving Authentication based on Zero-Knowledge Proofs, Digital Ledger, and a bespoke token, the Kriptan. Experience selling to nation states, US gov, etc.
  • Voting and SSI

What are you hoping to learn about or hear a presentation about at this event?

  • What's working now and what's failing, and why.
  • Network, contamination, connections
  • Who is monetizing SSI today? In the next 1-3 years? After that?
  • Are current buyers doing point solutions with SSI or as a base for broad use of SSI (where interop will be key)?
  • Monetization and business models for SSI especially regarding political and voting related citizen data.