Autonomous Agents & Identity Delegation (JHV Research Project)

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Autonomous Agents & Identity Delegation (JHV Research Project)

Thursday 1H

Convener: Maria Vachino

Notes-taker(s): Maria Vachino

Discussion notes, key understandings, outstanding questions, observations, and, if appropriate to this discussion: action items, next steps:

Tags: Agents, Identity Delegation, Permissions, Identity Management, DID

Three students in the Master’s program at the JHU Information Security Institute ( proposed a session to get feedback on their Thesis proposal:   

Autonomous agents and Identity Delegation 

Our aim is to research and develop an identity management system that has identity delegation to agents, baked into it. We plan to make use of an underlying API that can be used to authenticate a person’s agent to act on behalf of one of his many identities.

Additionally, we face the problem of controlling how much access of the human identity should be given to each agent. As each agent has a set of identities that are ultimately tied to a human being. Thus, we are focused to find a way to provide only a sliver of human identity without extra information leakage.  

Students: Manan Wason, Ujjawal Sharma, Dewank Pant (Instructor: Seth Nielson)


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