Attendees ii8

From IIW

Here is the list of who came on registration site also below

  1. Trent Adams, Outreach Specialist, Internet Society
  2. Praveen Alavilli, Software Development Engineer,
  3. Robert Anderson
  4. Joe Andrieu, Founder & CEO, SwitchBook
  5. Martin Atkins, Software Engineer, Six Apart
  6. John Bachir, Software Engineer, JJB Media Ecology
  7. Siddharth Bajaj
  8. Dirk Balfanz
  9. Skip Baney, UI Engineer, Apple Inc.
  10. Daniela Barbosa, Chairperson Data Portability Project
  11. Nathan Beach, Associate Product Manager, Google
  12. Lucian Beebe, Product Manager, LinkedIn
  13. Vittorio Bertocci, Sr. Architect Evangelist, Microsoft Corporation
  14. Henrik Biering, CEO, Netamia
  15. Bob Blakley, VP, [
  16. Ryan Boyd, Developer Advocate, Google OpenSocial
  17. Joseph Boyle
  18. Laurel Boylen, Director of Community, Chimp blog
  19. John Bradley, OASIS TC's
  20. Tom Brown, software developer, none
  21. Judith Bush, Software Development Manager, OCLC
  22. Tom Carroll, VP Product Management, Azigo, Inc.
  23. Judi Clark, Digital Coach
  24. Tyler Close
  25. Dave Crocker, Principal, Brandenburg InternetWorking
  26. Sam Curren, Lead Developer, Kynetx
  27. Andy Dale, Software Engineer, OCLC
  28. Peter Dapkus, Product Manager,
  29. Scott David, Partner, [http:// K&L Gates LLP]
  30. Peter Davis, Research Fellow, NeuStar, Inc
  31. Breno de Medeiros, Software Engineer, Google, Inc.
  32. Keith Dennis, President, AssertID blog
  33. Rachna Dhamija, Usable Security Systems
  34. Gam Dias, Founder, Xpollen Inc
  35. Cassie Doll, Software Engineer, OpenSocial, Google
  36. Sarah Dopp, Project Manager, Cerado, Boffery, ...Blog
  37. Eric DRAGHI, Consultant
  38. [Blog: Darius Dunlap], Darius Consulting
  39. Anthony Eden, [ Blog
  40. Johannes Ernst, Founder/CEO, NetMesh Inc.
  41. David Eyes
  42. F. Randall Farmer , Social Media Strategist, MSB Associates, Blog
  43. Austin Fath
  44. Jim Fenton, Distinguished Engineer, Cisco
  45. George Fletcher, Chief Architect, AOL, LLC.
  46. A Michael Froomkin, Prof., University of Miami School of Law, Blog
  47. STEVE FULLING, Founder & CEO, Kynetx
  48. Dorothy Gellert, Internet Services Architect, Nokia
  49. Cliff Gerrish, President, echovar
  50. Steve Gillmor, Editor, TechCrunchIT
  51. Nicholas Givotovsky, founder, silentrhino
  52. Yaron Goland, Program Manager, Microsoft
  53. Ariel Gordon, Principal Architect, Identity and Security Divisio, Microsoft
  54. Hans Granqvist, Community Engineer, Netflix, Inc
  55. [Website: Ben Gross]
  56. Robert Guthrie, Independent, Independent
  57. Jens Haeusser, DIrector, IT Strategy, University of British Columbia
  58. Kaliya Hamlin, IIW, Identity Commons
  59. Eran Hammer-Lahav, Yahoo!
  60. Meadhbh Hamrick, Protocol Architect, Linden Research, Inc.
  61. Asa Hardcastle, Technical Lead, openLiberty / Wakame Blog
  62. Dick Hardt, Partner Architect, Microsoft
  63. Greg Haverkamp, Computer Systems Engineer, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
  64. Terry Hayes
  65. Michael Helm, Network engineer, LBNL/ESnet
  66. Iain Henderson, Co-Founder, Mydex Community Interest Company
  67. Steve Herbst, UX Research Director, Microsoft
  68. Tom Holodnik, Security Architect, Intuit, Inc.
  69. Love Hörnquist Åstrand
  70. Anne Hutton, security engineer, LBNL
  71. Ashish Jain, Symantec
  72. Kent Jepperson
  73. Joe Johnston, Technology Advisor, The Pachamama Alliance
  74. Gulshan Kapoor
  75. Alan Karp, Principal Scientist, Hewlett-Packard Laboratories
  76. Nishant Kaushik, Identity Architect, Oracle
  77. Dave Kearns, Analyst/Writer, Virtual Quill
  78. Monica Keller, Manager Web Development, MySpace Blog
  79. Gregg Kellogg, Principal, Kellogg Associates
  80. john kemp
  81. Rohit Khare, Hacker, Ångströ
  82. Michael Kirkwood, CEO, Polka Blog
  83. Lou Klepner, President, Gateway To Gov / CivicID
  84. Kristen Knight, VP Product Management, Kynetx, Blog
  85. Dean Landsma, President, Landsman Communications Group
  86. Ben Laurie, google
  87. Guillaume Lebleu, Systems Architect, Diebold
  88. Rich Lee, V. P. Busn & Technology, OPBT, LLC
  89. Mark Lizar
  90. Scott Loftesness, Partner, Glenbrook Partners, LLC
  91. Angus Logan, Senior Technical Product Manager, Microsoft (Live Services)
  92. Scotty Logan, IT Architect, Stanford University
  93. Chris Lunt, CEO, Nombray, Blog
  94. Paul Madsen
  95. Eve Maler, Emerging Technologies Director, Sun Microsystems, Inc.
  96. Pak Mark, Investor
  97. Kevin Marks, Developer Advocate, OpenSocial, Google
  98. Betsy Masiello, Policy & Economics Analyst, Google
  99. Henry Mauldin, Cisco Systems
  100. Theron McCollough, President, PeoplePond
  101. Brett McDowell
  102. Mika McGraw
  103. ariel mcnichol, Founder, co-CEO, mEgo Inc
  104. Chris Messina, DiSo Project, Blog
  105. Jim Meyer, Director, Engineering Services, LinkedIn, Blog
  106. Kai Mildenberger, President, Orbitwerks, LLC.
  107. Dan Miller, Sr. Analyst, Opus Research
  108. Joaquin Miller, Chief Architect, Lovelace Computing Company
  109. Dan Mills, Labs Engineer, Moaill, Blog
  110. Robert Morgan, Identity Architect, University of Washington / Internet2
  111. Chuck Mortimore
  112. Andrew Nash, Snr Dir Identity Services, PayPal
  113. Axel Nennker, Deutsche Telekom AG, Laboratories
  114. Andrew Nesbitt, Software Engineer, Apple, Inc
  115. Will Norris, Blog
  116. Steve Ogden
  117. Greg Oxton, Executive Director, Consoritum for Service Innovation
  118. mike ozburn, President, Opnli, Blog
  119. Rajesh Pandey
  120. Manish Pandit, Principal Architect, E*Trade Financial
  121. John Panzer, Technical Lead Manager, Google
  122. Daniel Perry, Attorney, Law Office of Daniel Perry, Twitter
  123. Bob Pinheiro, Independent Consultant
  124. Ernest Prabhakar, Web 2.0 Product Manager, Apple
  125. David Primmer, Software Engineer, Google
  126. Drummond Reed, Director, Information Card Foundation
  127. David Recordon, sixappart.
  128. Justin Richer, Sr. Computer Scientist, The MITRE Corporation
  129. Darran Rolls, CTO, SailPoint Technologies, Blog
  130. Pete Rowley, Principal Architect, Microsoft
  131. Mary Ruddy, Founder, Meristic, Inc.
  132. Terrell Russell,
  133. Markus Sabadello
  134. Eric Sachs, Product Manager, Google OAuth Blog
  135. Tatsuki Sakushima, Manager, R&D, NRI Pacific
  136. Ben Sapiro
  137. Jeffrey Schwartz, disrupter@large, Disruptive Strategies
  138. Scott Seely, Architect, MySpace
  139. Jeff Shan, E-Trade
  140. Luke Shepard, Software Engineer, Facebook
  141. Bill Shupp, Lead Developer, Digg, Inc.
  142. William smith, Sr. Director Business Strategy, Sun Microsystems
  143. Uppili Srinivasan, Sr. Director of Architecture & Development, Oracle Corp
  144. jeff stollman, consultant, secure identity consulting
  145. Peter Tapling, President & CEO, Authentify, Inc.
  146. Don thibeau, executive director, The OpenID Foundation
  147. Allen Tom, Principal Architect, Yahoo! OpenID Blog
  148. Paul Trevithick, CEO, Azigo
  149. Hannes Tschofenig,Nokia Siemens Networks
  150. Gerard Tse, Software Engineer, Google Inc
  151. Ray Valdes, VP Web Services, Gartner Inc
  152. Gabe Wachob
  153. [Website: James Walker]
  154. Bill Washburn, consultant
  155. Karon Weber, Principal Designer, Microsoft
  156. Stephen Weber, Intern, Mashlogic
  157. Phil Windley, CTO, Kynetx
  158. Douglas Whitmore, Software Engineer, Apple Inc
  159. Abraham Williams, Blog
  160. Steve Williams, Independent, =sbw
  161. Katrika Woodcock, Designer, Microsoft

Issue/Topic: Linking APIs

Monday – Session 5 - F

Convener: Rohit Khare

Notes-taker(s): Laurel Fan

A. Tags for the session - technology discussed/ideas considered:

Tags: APIs, interoperability, implementation

B. Discussion notes, key understandings, outstanding questions, observations, and, if appropriate to this discussion: action items, next steps:

Rohit gave a brief description of his company's product: The short description: it uses the APIs of various social networks the user is part of, and aggregates the user's social graph over all of them.

Next a round of introductions. Some projects represented:

Dreamboat - Mozilla Familysearch - geneology Opensocial foundation IBM services Amazon Games BT - social network aware telephony 43things - community site


1. is there business value from linking data? 2. how? how to make it open and standard so anyone can do it? 3. combine graphs of people (the 'address book' metaphor is out of date -- relationships mean more than contact info) 4. as service providers, how to correlate identities using the partial data available (ie. is "Rohit K" the same as "Rohit Khare") 5. is there a policy layer -- "copy rights" for portability, reversibility

The list of APIs (some used by, some introduced in the session):

facebook linkedin twitter myspace gmail yahoo flickr msn/windows live hyves

see also the chart that Rohit should be emailing

Issues/problems when integrating with specific APIs:


- privacy settings are not computable (you can't calculate whether

you are allowed to share information you got from facebook -- you have to make another API call to ask them)

- you can't get email/phone numbers unless you are special


- it's hard to look up by email
- the data retention policy is unknown -- they can audit you but the

policy is not well specified

- heavily throttled


- short lived sessions: 30-60 minutes
- user gets an email notification every time you get a new session


- friends list is first name only

One of the ways to implement the "which of my friends is on this site" is by searching by plaintext email. However, using plaintext email is overkill, since you don't need to reveal that information. Can use hashed email instead.

Webfinger is another way to interoperate between social networks using the email address as the key.

The problems to solve are: - technical - business - legal