Are VCs a necessary hurdle on the path to DID adoption?

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Are VCs A Necessary Hurdle On The Path To DID Adoption?

Session: 11D

Convener: Adrian Gropper


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Background techy info from Tuesday’s session 1D :

JH - Service Endpoint MS - Provider vs. Patient same Identity? PA - DID WG - VC maybe w/o DID DC - Learn about separation / credentialing products EF - avoid schema rigidity JH - newbie KK - workday product manager OS - VC without DID - works on sidetree

Path A - SDS - Secure Data Store - Service endpoint to data store in DID

  • a pipe between an identifier and an attribute
  • where to get the info
  • like an Info Endpoint in OpenID Connect

Path B - Service Endpoint to Authorization Server in DID

  • Separation of Concerns

DIDs don’t have a business model so people bundle VC added value for business reasons

AS first already has adoption /

TxAuth as a new OAuth3 model for the DID service endpoint

Gov wants a process to hold verifiers accountable

Platforms don’t benefit from a separation of concerns AS vs RS

Issuer-held credential and signed credential

VC not efficient for pharma or surveillance

Relevant paper:

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15:48:21 From Orie Steele : Everything needs a business model, or it dies for lack of reproduction.

16:46:37 From Adrian Gropper :

16:49:19 From Adrian Gropper :