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microformats%20005.JPG     At IIW we met with Kevin Marks and a group of folks to discuss the fact that there are multiple publishers and consumers of activities everywhere and how we can actually get compatible representations so we don't lose the semantics around the entires.   We first detailed the Use Cases for Activities:

  • Reading the feed - aggregators for correlation
  • Need common representation
  • Raising activities (Opensocial , Facebook)
  • With popup
  • Without popup
  • Desktop client pushing updates (activities)
  • Writing sematic entries with simple clients
  • Ingesting feeds and republishing
  • Problems around echoing

  We then proceeded to discuss solutions:   What if we ingest activities with the current tool by extending out support for microformats ? Well the main thing that is missing are the verbs so we can use exisiting microformats and a new microformat which handles the verb 

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There is an effort started in the Microformats community to be able to provide metadata to represent activities. See