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What is an Action Card?

You can think of an action card as an in-browser, user-centric mashup. Think about augmenting / changing any web page, using some other data source. Here are some examples:

  • AAA - search results on Google, Yahoo! and Bing are augmented by showing the AAA logo next to listings for businesses that offer AAA discounts. See Demo
  • Minuteman Library - when browsing books on,, or, if the book you are browsing (or an ~ equivalent ISBN) is available in your local library, then a notification box is shown, with a link to the online card catalog. See Demo
  • WBUR - This helps me direct my shopping spending to help support my local NPR station. This Action card augments search results similar to AAA, but also add a box at the top of search results (like a paid search box), with merchants that are WBUR underwriters. In addition, if I go to a competitor of one of WBUR's underwriters, a notification will suggest that I go to the WBUR underwriter instead. See Demo

Ideas Submitted at IIW9 & other

  • Twitter silent unfollow - adds a 'silent unfollow' feature (removes tweets from select users from display, without actually un-following them).
  • MySpace Facebook Skin - reskin MySpace using the Facebook styles.
  • Google Paid Search closer - Make the paid search box at the top of Google results into an 'accordian' - user can open/close.


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