5G/ Intuition, Identity, Internet

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Intuition, Identity, and the Internet

Tuesday 5G

Convener: Sharon Franquemont

Notes-taker(s): Sharon

Discussion notes, key understandings, outstanding questions, observations, and, if appropriate to this discussion: action items, next steps:

1) Intuition Definition: intueri (Latin), to know all at once

2) Intuit, verb, rare use of verb form rather than noun whose constant use relegates intuition to something that understand rather than an action to take. Please consider using or at least pondering, using the verb:

  • “I intuit that this is…(the best course of action, decision, etc)”
  • “To what degree am I intuiting this answer?”

Topics Addressed and some not touched on due to time and conversation:

  • Definition discussion. To add or not to add ‘without the use of logic or reason’ to definition
    • We are embedded already in an information field
    • Field has unique properties, e.g. time/space freedom, copious use of pre-verbal language such as symbols, rich nourishment of creativity, pattern recognition, vision
    • Some professionals exploring space distribution concepts rather than time in their identity work
  • Language considerations: You won’t be respected in engineering or tech communities if you attribute a proposed project or product to intuitive insights
    • Solutions can arise before you know how you got there
    • Use of language…my gut or my heart tells me, not sure exactly why I think this, but…a sense we might explore this possibility
    • Importance of integrating logic and intuition
    • Distortions of intuition due to projections from the past or wishful thinking of the future. Be present. Be here now.
    • Question: Is your logic always right? Why ask more of intuition than we do of logic
    • Comfort with unknown:
      • Dancing with probability
      • Importance of not solidifying intuitive answers as they are often like a moving field
    • What are intuitive identifiers in a sea of information

  • Brain Intelligence/IQ Definitions: With internet information, brain is no longer viewed and experienced primarily as a good or bad container, e.g. I.Q. often determined by container’s ability to spit out storage

  • NOW: Brain needs to discerner of what is of most value in a sea of information.
    • Asking right question, discerning what is relevant
  • Role of intention and passion in accessing intuition
    • Intention, laser like purpose focuses your intuition and is vital:
      • Importance of intention and curiosity, e.g. as a child Einstein’s favorite game was to imagine himself jumping on a light wave and riding out to time
    • Passion, tap into passion for work (or whatever), provides energy that fuels your intuition that your intention invites intuition in, intuition active aliveness, energy that fuels intuition
      • Want to invest more in your intuitive knowing=feel deeper your connection, love and dedication for your field or inquiry
    • Passion and Intention unite heart and head for enhanced intuition
  • Humanity is outsourcing information to internet
    • What skill base will humans outsource next, empathy or compassion skills?
  • Identity, Collaboative intuiton, and Field Identity
    • Multiple levels of identity, more than one level of identity
      • Human dignity preserved in identity issues
  • Collaborative intuition/Field Identity
    • Shift from ego/self identity to team/group of individuals to experience of field identity
    • Teams come alive ‘in the zone’ resulting in creativity and innovation
    • Shared information field = not necessary to know everything as individual because knowledge needed is held by someone, something, some experience in or relevant to the shared field
    • Shared information field exists
  • Is energy behind field identity, shared spirituality, or a shared spirit
  • Importance of consciousness to human evolution

Closing Poem:

The Clear Bead by Rumi

The clear bead in the center changes everything. There are no edges to my loving now.
I’ve heard it said that there is a window that opens from one mind to another
But if there is no wall, there’s no need for fitting the window or the latch.

Simple Practice for 1 Week (Didn’t get to this, want to share with community)

  • Evening:
    1. Make To Do list 1 to 8 activities for next day
    2. Prioritize activities
    3. Go to sleep
  • Morning work:
    1. Review your list
    2. Identify one thing that attracts you, excites you, and/or makes your heart happy. Should be something that doesn’t take too much time or something that you can at least begin on
    3. Act FIRST on your chosen To Do
    4. When you finish, enjoy a few quiet moments
    5. Return to your prioritized To Do list
  • Evening:
    1. Repeat morning and evening processes every day for 1 week
    2. At the end of 1 week:
      • Evaluate the results of having acted FIRST on something that attracts you or excites you.
      • Intuition travels on, thrives in a place of passion, attraction, excites

Recommendations arising out of our dialogue:

De Landa, Manuel

Manuel De Landa European Graduate School Lectures
The Materialist Theory of Language
History of Cities
War in the Age of Intelligent Machines
1000 Years of Non-Linear History
Social Organization and Philosophy

Gaeber, David, Debt, The First 5000 Years (role of

Morley, Barry, Beyond Consensus : Salvaging the Meaning of the Meeting (Collective wisdom)

O’ Loaire, Sean Spirits in Spacesuits

Recommended Books and Articles:

Intuition Books:

Franquemont, Sharon, You Already Know What To Do (Self-Help, old addition available Amazon, new addition in late 2018)

Franquemont, Sharon, Do It Yourself Intuition, (like intuition for dummies, new addition late 2017 or 2018)

Franquemont, Sharon, Intuition: Your Electric Self (6 hour audio training program published by Sounds True)

Gladwell, Malcom (Author, well researched book about immediate insights) Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking

Radin, Dean (Einstein of psi or parapsychology research), Entangled Minds: Extrasensory Experiences in Quantum Reality; The Conscious Universe

Sadler-Smith, Eugene, (Professor, :Organizational Behavior, Scientific exploration of intuition and its application) Inside Intuition (2008), The Intuitive Mind (2010)

Schon, Donald A., The Reflective Practioner (about just in time and in action learning)

Vaughan, Frances, Awakening Intuition, (old, but excellent intuition guide for therapists and healthcare professionals.