3A/ Digital Life Collective Cooperative “The Web we want” – Getting to Actual Effects with Identity

From IIW

Digital Life Collaborative

Thursday 3A

Convener: Adrian and Doc

Notes-taker(s): Sharon Franquemont and Mei Lin Fung

Discussion notes, key understandings, outstanding questions, observations, and, if appropriate to this discussion: action items, next steps:

Digitallife.com and The Web We Want I. Digital Life Collectivewww.diglife.com

  • Please consider joining us or give us feedback. What suggestions do you have?
  • Inspired by Phillip Sheldrake who tried various funding strategies to collectively design and actualize a web we want, the decision was to collectively fund and build this web.
    • One minute description is good and
    • Founder’s prospectus clarifies it more
  • By May 4, the Digial Life Collective has reached 135% of funding goal for starting.
  • IIW community has the talent to build a new web as a collective, if desired
  • Governance based on Sociocracy

2. Doc Searls’ Power Point:

  • McLuhan and Identity
  • Applied McLuhan Summary Photo:


  • Access
  • Sociocracy
  • Cooperation
  • Society
  • Civilization
  • Availability
  • Control data & Income


  • Tribalism
  • Dystopia
  • Populism
  • War


  • Quality
  • Inclusion
  • Openness
  • Neutrality
  • Distributed
  • Decentralized


  • Silos
  • Survelillance
  • Capture

3. Discussion Topics:

  • New funding source: development of the crypto economics,, see white paper on, way beyond bitcon
  • Members in commons, the collective
  • Distributed web concepts
  • How can we organize ourselves as a collective without degenerating into a dysfunctional group
  • Ideal web:
    • I want what I want when I want and where I want it.
    • Ubiquitous, free from surveillance, equality, control my own data
  • Governance of Digital Life Collective needs:
    • Constitution
    • Universal set of digital human rights
  • Funding looking for a fourth business model
  • ****New WEB must answer:
    • Why do I need it is instantaneously clear
    • Excitement, people “I want that!”
    • IMPORTANCE of visceral outcomes. Two immediate ones
      • Own my data, can make Money from that
      • Much greater Safety

The web we want www.diglife.com

I want what I want when and where I want it

I want to control and communicate those things at will if it has anything to do with me

Making something happen with identity