2K/ Publice vs Private Data – What can we share?

From IIW

Public vs Private Data

Wednesday 2K

Convener: Dan McNeece

Notes-taker(s): Dan McNeece

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Permissions to access data should be given contextually (when needed). For example, when a application needs to access a camera, permission is asked at the time it gets used.

Cameras are becoming the keyboards of the future. Much of our data is being collected without using a physical keyboard.

Be careful with third parties that share our data. We need to verify their data retention policies and make sure they fit our expectations. We should apply risk assessment questions.

It is hard to put ‘property’ rights on our data, like we would a house or car. Data attributes are often shared between people and companies rather than being exclusively private (our data) or public (everyone’s data).

We need to decide what the principles are for our companies. What do we use to decide when to share data?