20C/ Teach me about MOSIP

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Teach Me About MOSIP

Thursday 20C

Convener: Phil Windley

Notes-taker(s): Trent Larson

Tags for the session - technology discussed/ideas considered:

Federated identity, Aadhar

Discussion notes, key understandings, outstanding questions, observations, and, if appropriate to this discussion: action items, next steps

Modular Open Source Identity Platform (Source Code)

(Below is from 30 minutes into the discussion. I gather the context is: someone has discussed whether SSI could help or apply in MOSIP.)

Aiming at government organizations, so it's a federated system and the user doesn't have control of their own ID.

It's valid to have a government-issued & government-controlled ID.

However, to have a 30-minute timeout on all IDs doesn't match the issuer-holder-verifier system... the holder cannot present their credential elsewhere.

MOSIP - Privacy and Security by Design

The underlying encryption is a good step, but they could do better with credentials that match SSI and allows for innovation (eg. independent verifiability).

But we don't want to jump into the cryptography & technical.

They don't typically have edge devices so we'll want to introduce a guardianship model.

Aadhar has a reputation for serving residents rather than being a good national ID (eg. migrant issues).


Development community is moving from a focus on logistics to a focus on value, so that could help with the message.

EIDAS 2 & interoperability with EU/GDPR could be another selling point.


Accounts & token-based systems are two different models of value.


1) Gov provides account for permissions (eg. ration cards)

2) There are experiments with government tokens to access services

3) Community currencies may provide value in a locale

Huge swaths of aid get gobbled up by government players, so if you can get the value directly to the people P2P, that's huge.


Knowing how to build your account system doesn't translate into knowing how to build a token system.


The aid community is measured in many ways but data is critical. SSI can help the funding organizations track the real impact.

Talk to Peter Simpson.

Also Amit Sharma from Finclusive

Also Sovrin's The Rulebook


Want to help with financial inclusion.

Morocco, Philippines, & one other have "adopted" MOSIP.