14E/ Have we forgotten to design for consent while we’ve been busy building for SSI?

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Have We Forgotten to Design for Consent While We’ve Been Busy Building for SSI?

Wednesday 14E

Convener: John Phillips


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Consent, ToIP, SSI, Mental-Models

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Zoom Chat:

09:03:46 From Bryan Pon : Another tactical use case is persistent consent, I.e. the idea that holder grants consent to the verifier for XXX amount of time (usually the length of a business contract or relationship between holder and verifier).

09:16:43 From Ashley Snelgrove : and consent is a gateway to what the user wants (some service or product)

09:22:28 From Neil Thomson : Need governance mandated auditing of data use...

09:23:55 From Ashley Snelgrove : part of the problem also lies in the tendency for the masses to not care. The “I’m not concerned about privacy because I have nothing to hide” argument which also translates to consent

09:24:35 From Vic Cooper : https://www.evernym.com/blog/a-call-for-reciprocal-negotiated-accountability/

09:25:29 From Neil Thomson : Like requiring a car buyer to personally examine all the specifications of a used vehicle as to if it is safe.

09:26:39 From Neil Thomson : Need a UL to create safe consent packages for different apps and uses of classes of apps

09:27:23 From George Fletcher : Could we have a "consent request" and a "consent credential"?

09:34:26 From Trev Harmon : The power differential is certainly an issue in some cases.

09:40:47 From Neil Thomson : Data about us may be owned by us, but will not be trusted if only self-asserted. So we we are not necessarily dependent on other sources to provide our data, but we do on them verifiying it. So do we really control our data?

09:43:02 From George Fletcher : Great discussion. Thanks for setting up this session John. I need to drop.

09:43:17 From Neil Thomson : Robert on the Q

09:48:12 From Trev Harmon : Sorry if I jumped the queue.

09:50:59 From treycarl : Well said Robert

09:51:15 From Vic Cooper : Yeah, +1 Robert

10:01:05 From Trev Harmon : Thanks for the great conversation, everyone.

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