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IIW XXVI #26 DEMO Hour List - Wednesday April 4, 2018

Brought To Us By - digi.me https://digi.me/

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1. Danube Tech - DID Resolver and DID Auth: Markus Sabadello URL: https://github.com/decentralized-identity/universal-resolver/ Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs) are the base layer of new decentralized identity protocols. We show how they work and how they can be used for authentication (DID Auth).

2. A Get a Decentralized Identifier on the Veres One Blockchain: Manu Sporny URL: https://veres.one/ We will demonstrate how to generate a Veres One Decentralized Identifier (DID), register it with the blockchain, and update its related DID document. A DID can be registered and its DID Document updated by performing a proof-of-work or by using an Accelerator.

3. digi.me – current PC/Mac, iOS/Android version application: Jim Pasquale & Julian Ranger URL: http://digi.me for product & http://digi.me/video for vision Demo will show what users can do when they own and are in the driver’s seat of their own data on their own devices(s). More privacy through our new Consent Access feature, using two new external apps providing social analytics and monetary insight from financial data inside their library.

4. JLINC Labs - CRM to VRM: John Wunderlich URL: http://www.jlinclabs.com The paradigm of the Vendor controlling all of the customer's information is inverted when you implement an Information Sharing Agreement and the software to enable the Customer to control their information inside the Vendors Salesforce instance and have dynamic control over their marketing consents.

5. Technical Associates Group, LLC - Real-IT: an awareness space related to expanding the discussion, recognition and management of our presence the non-physical digital environment, which reflects into our physical environment: Jeff Orgel URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VECmh2rpt70 . Who’s Wearing the Collar? Developing language allowing us to put handles on thoughts with words regarding base human nature & how the impact of IT forces affects our behavior. The idea that Real-IT, our relationship choices w/IT, reflects into our Reality. What is your Real-IT?!

6. Pomcor JavaScript Cryptographic Library (PJCL) Do-it-yourself cryptographic authentication with PJCL: Karen Lewison and Francisco Corella URL: https://pomcor.com/pjcl/ PJCL is a JavaScript library that makes it trivial to implement password-free cryptographic authentication, avoiding phishing attacks and password-compromise notification requirements under GDPR and US regulations. A sample web app will be demoed and its source code provided.

7. Evernym: Timothy Ruff, Dale Jones URL: https://www.evernym.com Witness the first cryptographically verifiable credentials exchange that's truly peer-to peer (no IDP or other intermediary). Built on open-sourced Sovrin, Evernym's VCX establishes trust between people, organizations, and things, while enhancing privacy.

8. DID Whisper pastebin: Dmitri Zagidulin URL: https://github.com/digitalbazaar/did-whisper A quick demo of an encrypted pastebin service using Veres One DID Documents, a way to send private encrypted messages using recipients' public DIDs.